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25th Jun 2016, 19:25
The majority of us are life-long Hitman fans here, and with all the conflict brewing on this forum, I wanted to get a clearer picture of just how we've all enjoyed our time thus far.

This is for full-experience peeps only. That way it's easier to gauge customer satisfaction based on the same financial entry point.

If I was going to be harsh, I'd give it an 8.5. First two sandboxes are incredible. The third is somewhat of a miss. I love the elusive targets, the shooting system/physics (even if the gunshot decals are messed up right now), the mastery trees and the new disguise system.

I do not give a damn about the always online functionality. I've played over 100 hours and have only ever experienced 30 minutes of connection issues throughout my entire elapsed time with the game.

All in all, this is a beautiful, complex pleasure of a game. Nothing will ever top Blood Money, but what the guys at IO have done with this iteration thus far has me feeling like there is no way possible to have followed up Blood Money any better.

We're only halfway through the experience and I'm sitting at a strong 8.5. If the following three maps are as incredible as the first two, we get a few new cool guns, gadgets and suits, I'll most probably give the entire finished game a 9.5.

Anyway, what do you guys think?


25th Jun 2016, 22:19
This is my favorite iteration of the series thus far. I love the encouragement to try various different playstyles and whatnot, even if the "opportunity" stuff is a bit hand-holdy. It looks nice, sounds nice, and plays nice. I do wish the keyboard configuration were more easily reconfigured, though. WASD blows.

As far as the always-online functionality goes, it really just seems completely pointless. I see no advantage gained over having it be local only. It is more of a liability than an asset thanks to end-user Internet outages, server downtime for maintenance, or the recent issue of the online servers appearing to have been hacked.

25th Jun 2016, 23:03
I am a new fan. I think this game is a perfect jumping on point for n00bz like myself. The learning curve can be steep, but the game urges you to get better. It makes you want to play more.

I love all the maps. I think Marrakesh is fantastic personally. It does have the least flowing layout of the three, but I think it forces the most thought next to the underground lab in Sapienza. It's like "uh. . . room full of enforcers; how the hell am I gonna do this?" Then you just do it!

The glitches do not bother me as they do not affect the gameplay. I gave it a damn near perfect score. As a half game, it still offers more content than a lot of full titles do.

My full review on the game so far (http://wp.me/p4T35p-9Hg)

26th Jun 2016, 00:26
well, where do I start? out of 10, I give it a 6. The most annoying thing about this for me is the hand holding, and lack of difficulty settings. When I say difficulty settings, I mean AI-wise. The adding of more guards on harder settings, and increasing their hearing. It's just uncooked right now in the AI dept. No way in hell should we be able to sneak right up to guards and manipulate the AI so easily. Then again, in spots we are spotted through walls, ceilings,floors? Contracts mode is at a 3/10 right now. Totally unfinished. It should be the exact same as Absolution, as far as conditions) with the new 5 target limit (the only thing in that game worth playing). Graphics 8/10. I also feel the new game is too leaderboards centric. I have zero interest in escalations and being on top of leaderboards plagued by cheaters. Always online is a disaster. The triggered, pre laid out events feel like WE are in control of everything that happens, it should be other way around. Hitman 2,3,4 were just pure fun to play. I still go back and play them while waiting for this game to get it's act together. This new one provides some fun, but it just feels forced. No "edge","darkness" to this one. The music is generic, and I won't even get started on the abysmal voice acting & lack of variety in the dept. The teen stoner dialogue in every location that annoyed in Absolution is still present. M.Vogt should be replaced. Tons of audio issues. I have no problem with episodic, as it gives me something to look forward to. Then there are the glitches & bugs. Way too many to list, and we all know what they are anyway. Trailers showing things that we cannot do in-game, with storylines,weapons & gear(briefcase anyone?) that never appear in the game (go back and watch the original trailer, and Sapienza one, you'll see what I mean) Constant down servers, a pretty much useless "offline" mode. A good thing is that IOI seem to be listening to the complaints and fixing what they can (holster animation, etc). Anyone who gives the game a score over 8 is just trying to justify the money spent on a 50% finished game. I am a looooong time Hitman fan, and the series is pretty much the only games I play.
The glitches/bugs DO affect gameplay for the most part. There is SO much missing that this game should have (human shield,food crates,blood trail noticing, money system (I don't care what Torben says, it should be there), weapons customization, 47's damage is all out of whack, rapid fire 100% accuracy of guard shooting, abort lock pick/poison,syringe animation is laughable, a weapons wheel that doesn't pause the game, a real-time map that we can access like the older games, what happened to the animation for picking up body to crate/closet, (it was in alpha)

26th Jun 2016, 00:36
I can respect that opinion.

One thing though. I think my view differs from yours because of the fact that this is my first Hitman title. You constantly refer to the older ones. When I have reviewed games where I am a long time fan, I do the same and the new title may get a rough run from me.

For that reason, I would say that last part about people justifying the purchase is a bit unfair. I have another reason, but I do not want to sound like I am bragging :naughty:

26th Jun 2016, 00:45
I do not give a damn about the always online functionality. I've played over 100 hours and have only ever experienced 30 minutes of connection issues throughout my entire elapsed time with the game.

that has nothing to do with it. Try playing the "offline" mode of this game...... which some have to do ALL the time. Good luck trying to use that sniper rifle, oh , or the unlocked stash points, or maybe try that broken audio device.... can't do it... They are all tied to online only. By the way, whether 30 minutes of connection issues or 30 hours, it still shouldn't happen.

26th Jun 2016, 07:56
To the game itself i would give it a 9 so far, i love all 3 locations in particular Sapienza, i love ET's, i even learned to enjoy escalation(thanks to Doom:rasp:)or at least the fifth level. About the bug's , couple of them really bothers me like seeing/hearing through the walls which lately i noticed it even in Marrakech or the one when you get compromised trying to pacify someone, they can be really irritating.Even so the major problem of this game is the offline mode which is really pointeless and the repetead delays of the ET's and now for the next episode. So overall i can't give it more then 7.

27th Jun 2016, 00:57
Jim, I respect your opinon, but unfortunately, I just can't relate. All your arguments are totally valid. No doubt. Not even going to argue many of your points outside of the idea that the opportunities are fantastic, since you can just turn off the hud, like I do and complete them organically. I just haven't faced any issues with connectivity and the two times it failed on me weren't egregious enough for me to be upset about.

I personally couldn't care less about the contracts or escalations either. I kind of hate that they exist, to be honest. Those team resources could be spent on giving us new guns, finalizing the physics on the briefcase, giving us an option to cancel out of lock-picking etc.

In terms of the tone, I think the darkness or "edge" is sorely lacking, you're right. It's been replaced with a more "mature" international conspiracy type of elevated thriller narrative. Unfortunately, the voice acting is so bad, you can't take any of it seriously. Once again, I'm okay with this because it comes off as endearingly cheesy.

Outside of the minor quibbles I have with the game, we're only halfway through the entire experience and I'm loving it.

27th Jun 2016, 17:58
In terms of the tone, I think the darkness or "edge" is sorely lacking, you're right. It's been replaced with a more "mature" international conspiracy type of elevated thriller narrative. Unfortunately, the voice acting is so bad, you can't take any of it seriously. Once again, I'm okay with this because it comes off as endearingly cheesy.

Meh. As we have seen throughout video game history, trying to maintain seriousness with regards to NPC speech in video games is a difficult task, as ultimately you always end up hearing the same lines from the same voice actor over and over and over as you play the game. Even if the lines are delivered well and the AI dialogue system handles the timing appropriately, it still eventually gets hard to take seriously. I think I prefer the sort of half-serious, tongue-in-cheek approach IOI took. "I've found a corpse, and I don't like it!" I feel more like I am laughing with the game instead of at it as I do in the Elder Scrolls series.

The story-telling cinematics are still pretty well done.

27th Jun 2016, 18:31
I'd give it a 4/10. I feel that it's clearly unfinished pieces of an unfinished whole and that its errors greatly diminish what could have been a recovery after Absolution (although I played- and to be honest, actually enjoyed- parts of Absolution more than this game). It lacks atmosphere, and characterisation is amongst the weakest I've seen in a character that used to be interestingly cold (parts of HM Contracts and Blood Money gave this impression). Contracts and Escalations are neither here nor there for me- they seem to have been put in as distraction from the somewhat flaccid experience of the core game. Camera is unsatisfactory and shooting mechanic feels a bit like the very first Hitman game. Crowds may be graphically complex, but every level so far overuses this- it is very much like a gimmick. I know that some people seem to have really enjoyed it and good for them- I feel ripped off and suspect fairly strongly that IOI knows that this isn't really acceptable. No matter how many times I see 'Our vision was to... maybe some people haven't understood what we were trying to do... the replayability and joy in planning...' I still think: 'At least finish the individual parts!' Slack and shoddy product which I regret buying and which has certainly affected my view of IOI/SE- I'll wait until any future products are done deals before parting with cash because it's obvious that once they have your money the promised instalments can easily be second-rate and cobbled together. I don't feel that any one of the levels I've played has the same sense of interest as anything in SA, Contracts or Blood Money (Ok- I concede on the Japanese Tunnel level).

27th Jun 2016, 22:09
Right there with you SuperJerk. I kind of love the cornball nature of it's narrative/dialogue, in-level plots and scenarios etc. Totally love it. However, I do want some more insidious, macabre locations.

Jim, can't agree, bud. Sorry you feel that way. Hopefully you'll feel better once it's all been released and has been thoroughly polished. Just the three hours I've spent exploring each location when I first was granted access to them was enough for me, let alone the following thirty plus hours I've spent in each location. All my complaints aren't deal breakers and will probably be fixed in time.

27th Jun 2016, 23:27
Here's what I like and don't like about the game. Sorry, i'm not good with reviews.

Rating the game as it is in its current state. I have tried to put them in order of how much it matters to me.


1. All things considered, It's a really fun game.
2. Huge maps. Interesting locations & all locations feel massively different. Love the lighting/graphics/mood/atmosphere in each map.
3. Tonnes of interesting ways to kill, and some cool little kill cams/cut scenes.
4. Being able to create my own and play other users contracts (see point 9 in cons).
5. 47's character (the way he looks, sounds etc)
6. Elusive targets (exactly as they are. I was pissed I missed the first one because I didn't know it was happening, but I got over it).
7. The addition of the virus in Sapienza (see point 2 in cons).
8. I like the cinematics ("Call me 47" cinematic is so sick).
9. Big variety of weapons (although quite unnecessary, see point 5 in cons)
10. Episodic release. Wasn't a big a fan at first, but it's definitely helped me to get a lot out of the game and master it :)


1. Unbelievably buggy (Experienced every single bug in the thread. From the gear not working to challenges not unlocking).
2. Pair of targets in every location feels a bit samey (bar Sapienza).
3. Same voice actors.
4. Too many explosives. Not really seeing the need for a proximity CX demo block as well as a proximity explosive? AND the ducks.
5. No weapon customisation.
6. Lethal injection animation is embarrassing. (Hand over the mouth, shot in the neck, please.)
7. Challenges/Trophies that I have to watch youtube videos to unlock. Like the Kraken / Fountain - what on earth were those about?
8. No Briefcase.
9. No search function on contracts mode
10. Separate online/offline gear unlocks - simply ridiculous. I don't care if I have to play online to unlock stuff, but let us use it offline.

I'm going to give the game a 6/10 as it is in its current state. The game breaking bugs are a killer, and it seems to be getting worse.
I would give it an 8/10 if it wasn't broken so badly.
I would give it an easy 10/10 if it had the things I feel it's missing.

4th Jul 2016, 04:38
To me, the game is too incomplete. And I'm not talking about the episodes release. I really don't mind these levels coming in different episodes. But like someone said above, the NPCs are too easy to manipulate. NPCs don't even notice blood pools on the floor, come on!
The syringe animation burns my eyes. I hope the guy who came up with that laughable animation and thought it was a good idea got fired.
The voicing is awful. Everybody speaks a perfect american/british english in a "world of assassination" and everybody have the same voice. Previous Hitman games felt more like a "world of assassination".
No weapon customization nor money system. No dualballers nor humanshield. No more looking through keyholes or having to approach your target in stealth mode just to prevent them from hearing your footsteps.
And all of these things were in previous games. Instead of building on top of what they had, they are still messing with the goddamn formula which was a solid one. And that's what really annoys me.
The level design is amazingly well done. That's a 10/10, no doubt. And the graphics, although not the best, are much more than what we need for this type of game. So it's also a 10 for me.
There are other nice additions too, like the opportunity system which is great because it's optional and helps newcomers to the franchise. That's an example of what they should be adding, instead of taking away core mechanichs.
The suitcase is coming, they confirmed it, aswell as difficulty settings. So I'll have to wait to rate them.
The way in which the story doesn't interfere with the gameplay is great also. We get to understand the story between missions, as it has always been (except of course, in Absolution). And I love the story so far. Very down to earth, political and interesting.
And the Elusive Targets. One of the best additions to the game. Magnificent.
So making a balance of this, if I had to give it a number in order to rate it in the Hitman franchise, it would be between a 5 or a 6, because all of this stuff missing should have never been removed from the game. It messed with the base in which they should have build in top of, and that's a big mistake in my opinion.