View Full Version : Sapienza Escalation - The Selmone Mimesis

25th Jun 2016, 08:45
This new escalation is not difficult, but the rules make for some quick thinking. I would like to see everyone's run for this one. I checked for another thread and did not find one. If there is one, please move my post.


25th Jun 2016, 15:04
edit your post

on the YT link, cut the part after the equal sign and delete the rest.

Click the "YouTube" button in the tools and paste the code you cut in between the code like this:


Then save your changes.

I am laughing that even with all that extra work, you managed a considerably faster time than I did. Especially with the Lab Tech since you had a box right next to you but dragged him to a further one! I dislike all the hate you have received on your vid (6 dislikes). I do not care about leaderboard scores, I just want to see how people think. This was a bit of a convoluted run (to me) but you got it done and it was Silent Assassin.

25th Jun 2016, 17:16
Cool Idea @ JDMHatch_G ignore that noobs and no Skill dislikers just Block them, they don't even know how to upload a video :D :D :D :D

here ist my run 1:55 mins njoy !