View Full Version : LIL' WISH LIST

25th Jun 2016, 08:32
Hej there, dear IOI Team, i got some things i'd love to have back at Hitman:

Things to hide explosives in, like e.g. the present box from the Blood Money mission "Till Death Do Us Part".
Things to hide weapons in, like e.g. the flower box from the Hitman Contracts mission "Traditions of the Trade". I loved it so much to hide the shotgun in the flower box. i first saw that "shotgun in a flower box" thing in "terminator 2" and loved it from that moment on
A silenced Shotgun, like in Blood Money, i loved it so much!

I hope these wish lists doesn't annoy You.

Thank You so much for bringing the Hitman game into this world, IOI Team!