View Full Version : Square Enix and VR... What's the word??

25th Jun 2016, 03:20
VR is slowly seeping into the mainstream. There are a few main developers just starting to experiment with it by bringing out some basic titles. Yet i haven't notice Square Enix get in on the action.

Am I wrong?? Does anyone know if Square Enix has been looking into developing any titles for this medium??

I realise its still very early in the VR game. I'm just looking to see what people know.

25th Jun 2016, 06:20
This might interest you:
VRFocus (https://www.vrfocus.com/tag/square-enix/)

27th Jun 2016, 04:45
Thanks, man, I'll check it out.

11th Jul 2016, 09:26
So I went to check out that link, quite interesting. Stumbled across this article though...


I think that's an incredible die if they can pull of the 3D audio thing. The current ben of 3D audio just isn't that great and really think VR could do with a tech thats more immersive. This sounds like it could do the job.

It also sounds like it would help with that "sick" feeling I've heard people have been getting, since thats mainly caused by the eyes and the ears both perceiving 2 different environments.