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24th Jun 2016, 19:40
hey , I came a bit late to this game (recently I suppose ) before I play this game witcher 3 was my favorite game but now Life is Strange is officially the best game I have EVER PLAYED ! it's a life-changer ... at least it was for me !
it was not boring ! it didn't have any bull**** combat or all those weird crap stories of all other games in weird worlds
this game was just Simple ! I really loved the fact how it showed to you what a teen feels how she thinks how much friendship is worth ! I really loved those facts ... usually when I play a new video game I go to IGN or somewhere for guides especially if it is an RPG or choice making game but I didn't have to do that at all while playing this game !
anyway at the end I chose to sacrifice arcade bay and I really felt happy that creepy town with all those creepy and filthy people was destroyed and you are with your best friend chole even if some of you disagree that this was the best ending but it actually was for many reasons altho it wouldn't be bad if there was an option to save both! Now that aside I am getting crazy cuz I can't find any game like this ! a video game that simulates a person this perfectly and based on a more realistic story especially a "teenager" it was really something new to me ! now I'm just worried will there ever be a season 2 !? I really hate the fact " new plot and characters " because it could just continue story of chole and maxine after arcadia bay was destroyed ! honestly Max character was Perfect I'm sure the plot change will piss off some fans as well as me ... that aside the fact that when we are going to see season 2 worries me ! vampyr won't be as good as life is strange because it is not something new even if it seems like ... it's not a simulator or anything just another one of this weird worlds with sick story no matter how real they seem ..
I really hope Dontnod develops season 2 ! the idea of not continuing this game makes me wanna suicide or rather really sad this game was truly a life changer .. ! so how do you feel about life is strange ? (cuz it sure is :D )

10th Aug 2016, 19:10
season 2 wouldnt be as good but they should definitely keep the formula cause they're much better than TTG at it. I'd say a new franchise/premise.

16th Oct 2016, 20:40
I know it's been a few months, but have you played Bully (Canis Canem Edit)? Another game about being a teenager. It's going a completely different route - an open world with lots of side-quests and other things to do, a whole city to explore within 2 seasons (autumn/winter) and it's an action game for the most part so it's a different beast. Bit it can still be quite an intimate experience and does have a lot in common with LIS: the boarding school setting with everything that it implies (bullies etc.), a smallish town near the woods etc.

TBH I think LIS is rather perfect as it is, I'm glad it's a stand-alone story and not being made into another sequel-filled franchise :rolleyes: I want to remember the game as it is and not getting it destroyed with rehashes and repetitions.