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24th Jun 2016, 13:57
Thank you everyone if you can read all of it but if too long you don't need to read it

Consequences decided for us already

1. I was watching the PAX 2015 and listening to about that when you play the game your actually playing real life? And that the developer said they did not want to judge players of what is right or wrong?

But aren't the consequences of those actions already judgement to the players action? So if you did try to save someone perhaps the consequence in the game could be a negative to the player? So your teaching players that its bad doing the wrong thing? And that you should not help that NPC because if you do then your going to suffer? Or that if you did the wrong thing you be rewarded with positive perks or friends?

So is this what you be getting in the game? How can they be grey area when the consequences of each action is already set for the player?

Or is the game teaching players its okay to kill and do bad things as long as you get results in the end?

Any speculation? If you want to see all possible path and see what each NPC has to offer don't you then have to play with all types of play style?

I hope the game will teach players its okay to do the right thing and be hated for it. You might have liberated the Argumented society but then it could mean the rich with power will hate you. Because you have taken power away from them. Or you could be in the middle? Its like taken a political test online at the end it will show you what you stand for? I hope it as deep as this so you could share your standing with other players? And see who else also thought the same?

Its okay to judge players base on how we play just like in reality when we vote we are judge on which side we stand on? So this is missing in the game? And would be so good if it could be in it? Player don't even need to be define by politics just a summary of things the player stand on. And the correct consequences that reflect real life if possible?

Like this example


If this is too upfront then correct research will need to go into the consquences of each action. So it portrays correctly of the Estimate conclusion from all those actions? And players can decided if they like the profile or not?


Support argumented but do not support that its should be free to the public to do what they want with it. Only for those who need it but not for any personal gain.

2.Consequences Profile base on real cons and Pros in life

You could have a few groups that still say it should be prohibited.

So the end game results could mean limited possibilities but then there are the Pros and Cons like the child can grow to be what they want to be? Or that kids can be like Einstein because their gene were not perfect. So there is beauty in imperfection.

So I think this should be in the game so all your decisions are weight by careful research cons and pros reflecting real life? Which is more important to you? EG: You brought your spouse back to life however now that she is a cyborg and she can never be like other humans. And this you did not see coming a major drawback! And the scientist never told you about it.

However there could be players who see this as a plus and not a downfall and can live with the consequences.

So all these types of decisions build up a profile of what you have build your character to be and its up to the player to decided if they like it or not? The Judgement is left to the player if they like the cons and pros of their decisions base on real life.

Isn't this much better? Having the action reflect cons and pros base on accurate understanding in real life? So perhaps you brought your spouse back so the game then the game just give you bad out come for that decision. Hated, locked away, disadvantage but no advantages? Or could be that its all advantages and no disadvantages? Or that the Cons and pro do not reflect real life as best it can?

So players can really decided what is important to them the cons or the pros? I don't mind being hated if so and so? I don't mind my spouse coming back as a robot with mind downloaded.

Added Twist

Players could even be given an option so consequence of their pros and Cons are random? So yes players might not mind their spouse being brought back as a robot but it could mean your spouse might get very upset with you! So you just have to wait for the surprise of what will happen? So it just added fun to see what players will then do in response to this upset? Could be more option like making things more organic for the spouse?

This probably is not in the game but I wish it was so players can make a better realistic choice on major decisions and what it will lead too. Like seeing if I should bring back my spouse of child into a robotic form? The people doing it could inform you of the Cons and pros? If you actually persist and ask or else you will not know. So you really need to sit and think carefully about the choice.

I think the game has something like this where if you go gun blazing it might not turn out well with some NPC and some NPC will be proud of you.

But I wonder if there are intimate decisions that affect you emotionally? Do you try and go into ghetto and free as many torture souls? And only to find out well you have become a slave yourself or even died doing so? Would this be the path you were willing to take? Or even find out that its not possible to go in there and be super man or women to save everyone?

Perhaps choices that you can't save everyone so you have to choose? And there be consequences? This reflect real life and how things are if you were a Jewish slave in a ghetto in WWII. You have to decided if you live or if your child should live. If you should fight or if you should hide.

Or even more difficult if you enter a base and played stealth and the NPC saw you. That could mean they could report you and now your face is every where and they are going to be looking out for you! So if want to stealth you better make sure they don't see you or they will be prepared the next time you meet them! Or if you need capture a few important NPC and lock them away then that option is on the table too if you can get them lock away.

What do you all think? I am very excited about this and hope the consequence system in the game comes close to this!

24th Jun 2016, 16:49
Just because somebody responds poorly to your actions doesn't mean that it was "wrong" for you to do. The entire point is for the player to observe the consequences of their actions and decide for themselves whether it was "worth it."

28th Jun 2016, 10:08
I know that is what i was suggesting that there are Pros and Cons to your decisions you make? So players have got to decided what is more important to them? Just like going in full lethal vs non lethal because if you did it full lethal you will ruin the game experience and cut of certain side question and consequences.

And also it is more where at the end of the game you get to see the profile of your decision and what you stood for so you can share it with others. :)

23rd Jul 2016, 11:52
everything you seem to post is like it is trying to push some sort of agenda have the politically correct not ruined enough already as it is ? why is there a link to fox news in this ? all RPG games deal with Choice and consequences. sigh

24th Jul 2016, 00:12
All of what was talked about here is well within the constraints of the messages and ideas that Deus Ex has tried to convey since the first one. Deus Ex is a franchise that deals with real-world issues as viewed through the lens of science fiction. It has always been about current events and things like governmental and corporate overreach.