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24th Jun 2016, 07:09
Hello! :) I was thinking of getting the game but like to ask questions?

1. Are there alot of girls buying the game or is this exclusively for guys? Any girls here?

2. I heard about the choices in the game but how far can you go? Can you really go as far as make those who are argumented worse off then they are? How about bosses convincing you to follow them? So in the end your not seen as a hero but someone that they want to kill?

3. Do you need to be careful of who you interact with so you don't get influence with the wrong crowd? This would be a good challenge so players will need to think very carefully who they talk too and ask for favours? So you could end up following a terrorist thinking they were friends? And so you need to try and get out as one option? Or it could be that you made too many wrong decisions and now you own great debt to many groups? So you become wanted and hunted?

4. In the e3 demo on dubai where you need to disable this helicopter is it possible to go too the bottom level instead of the top? Can you prevent the spies from killing the informant in the first place? Those NPC opening the crate with the argumented arms?

5. Is it your job to stop the terrorist in the game or goverment? I wish it could be more complicated so you got tough decisions to make? Like join the law or oppose it because they are doing the wrong thing?

6. Would MD be a better game over Watch dog 2 coming out in Nov?

7. How many hours do you expect the game to be?

8. What are the various types of missions that you will see in the game?

Thank you if you know the answers to this.

24th Jun 2016, 11:19
I found some interesting quotes that perhaps some of the things i asked might be possible. Like in one of the trailer i saw you could see the heartbeat of the NPC? Perhaps that shows you if what they are saying is true or not?

What if in the end because you did this he’ll come back to you with this and then that could completely change the end of the game. However, if you never even talk to that character in the beginning, that never happens and you’ll never know that story.

‘okay, players can end this quest in five minutes if they don’t pursue the right questions and if they pursue certain questions then they suddenly open up new paths and they open up a new character.’” DeMarle explained, “It’s an interesting challenge for us as designers and creative people because you’re like, ‘this is so cool I want you to see this!’ But players might never see it.”

DeMarle also answered quickly that if players don’t take the road side content offers, they may miss characters entirely, saying “Obviously, when you’re doing side missions you are being introduced to a whole array of characters, so yes there are characters you would not ever meet if you didn’t do those side missions.”

“even little things that just in a simple conversation with a character you might meet on the street and might be able to help you is important. The way you handle that character might shut off that entry or something else. Side characters are there to give you a deeper sense of the world and what is happening.”

That being said DeMarle revealed that players should pay notice to the NPC and character animations and cues found through discussion in the game, as shifty eyes lead to surprise, Jensen must always be on his toes. DeMarle also explained that her work with the writing team has involved discussions on how we all interact with each other on a daily basis in the real world.

There might be some people whose actions initially seem very untrustworthy, but by diving deeper into that character you might discover other things.

“On one point, it’s interacting with characters, so by interacting with characters through dialogue, we have some social gameplay where what we call our Social Boss Fights, where you have to convince the characters and engage them psychologically,”

23rd Jul 2016, 12:08
why are you asking what gender you need to be in order to play a game ? why would a game be exclusively for guys ? how much of the radical feminist kool aid have you been drinking ? we are all gamers no matter what race or gender we are. if you find interest in the game play it if not Don't. after reading some of your post it is clear you are trying to force your own idea of what this game should be onto others instead of just enjoying and playing the game for what it is. art is subjective people see what they wish to see in it like a rorschach test. i read a post where you are talking about Violence yet you state here you are going to play watch dogs 2 and that game has Violence as well. if you Don't like that then these games are not for you. you can do things to avoid it but sometimes you can't just like reality. no matter how much you try to turn away from the darkness it will find you. people face pain & Suffering everyday games in a way help us face & deal with that. if you want to talk about the game that's fine, but take the game as it is and stop trying to change it. if you don't like what the game is doing don't buy it and let others enjoy it.

25th Jul 2016, 11:38
Why do you feel the need to announce your sex in the title of a thread about a videogame? How can a game be "exclusively for guys"? Does it have to come with a dick check to be that?