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22nd Jun 2016, 05:29
I was watching this twitch stream tonight and witnessed some really weird glitch going on. I myself logged in the game for about 5 minutes only to see my challenges were all marked complete. Something was going on server side tonight. I'm a little cautious to log back in. The streamer was on xbox and I'm on steam. Someone might want to look into this.

22nd Jun 2016, 06:51

this guy's reactions are hilarious...

22nd Jun 2016, 06:54
That's the stream I was talking about :) good stuff
More reports

22nd Jun 2016, 07:54
shame on i0i ^^ so i better dont buy next episode ^^ back to mount and blade ^^

22nd Jun 2016, 08:41

22nd Jun 2016, 10:15
Or maybe is that a new Elusive Target ???
New Target 'The HACKMAN' ^^

22nd Jun 2016, 23:46
been dead silent today in the Hitman world. No posts on twitter, forums, nothing. Hopefully we get some news (any news) tomorrow.

27th Jun 2016, 14:00
Well if it was a hacker, hoping they did it for the sake of showing the vulnerability's in the system and not for doing actual damage.
Problem with a always online game that is pretty much dependent on the server needs to have a number 1 priority of protecting that server to attacks.

So hopefully (if this was indeed a hacker) the openings in the wall are now exposed and easy to spot to be patched up.

To be honest it would be awesome to have reference elusive targets XD,
Tough I would rather love to see references to other Square Enix game characters (who could possibly exist in the same game universe, like Lara croft or Deus Ex)
like Assassinating a scientist expert in human augmentation who is making huge steps towards high advanced robotic limbs for milliary use, giving that elusive target a robotic arm that looks suspiciously a lot like a very early (primitive) prototype version of augmented arms like those in Deus Ex. (having a gun inside the arm so he can shoot at 47 with his bare arm if he spots you)