View Full Version : Aww, still no real-time melee?

18th Jun 2016, 20:03
It seems more and more rpg/fps hybrid games are fine tuning their first person melee combat, meanwhile Deus Ex completely scrapped it with HR for cinematic button prompts.

I saw at E3 2016, it seems MD possibly follows HR. It's kind of sad, since Dishonered 2(Very DX like) and Shadow Warrior 2 was also at E3 2016 and had proper real time first person melee combat.

Deus Ex 1 (the king) had real time melee combat and amazing games these days continue to have it, but it would be odd if a big budget DX:MD reverts to single button prompt cutscenes as if they ran out of money to animate first person weapon swings and takedowns animations.

Does anyone know if in MD we will be able to just freely swing Adam's arm blades as we please?

18th Jun 2016, 22:31
> Does anyone know if in MD we will be able to just freely swing Adam's arm blades as we please?

That's a negative, Ghost Rider.

19th Jun 2016, 08:48
They got no interest of making true Deus Ex game.They are so connected to this third person nonsense that they can't get out of .It's sad really to watch this.

21st Jun 2016, 16:43
At least I know there's still some "new blood" on the forums dedicated to the first game's design.

11th Jul 2016, 10:09
It will; be a shame not to have a melee option. Granted so may games use it, but theres a reason for it.

Basically its tough if you happen to come into close quarters with a foe. Squeezing your trigger in a panic hoping to hit them doest really seem to cut it in terms gameplay, so thats where a workable melee option would come in. You could shove them away or grapple and flip them, yet there's no option for that either. In fact, its a mechanic so rarely explored it would be nice to see other devs have a shot at adopting an approach like that.

11th Jul 2016, 16:48
Could be worse. Could be exactly as bad as The Fall port on pc with its horrible mechanics.

Also there is a setting to disable the melee third person camera in the options, which is not exactly what you are asking for but at least its there and keeps the gameplay intact so it doesn't break the immersion, and I hope MD includes the option again.

I really do wish that I could walk around as Adam Jensen and pistol whip any smart asses that get in my way in MD.
Hoping for a mod kit is pointless at this point otherwise it would have been the first thing I would have modded in when the game comes out.