View Full Version : Game refuses to load the main menu!!

17th Jun 2016, 04:32
102 hours in and I had just finished an Escalation map. I went to "Exit to menu" and then I noticed the main menu was still blank after a full minute (the loading bar in the right hand corner was visible however and so was my cursor).

Now everytime I try to connect it reaches the main menu and it says I'm online yet the main menu refuses to load. Is there a solution anyone could suggest?

For reference, this is what I'm seeing:

I can get somewhere by using the trick in this thread ( http://steamcommunity.com/app/236870/discussions/0/358415206081665692/ ) but I end up with some things being locked still:


This was a simple repost of the Steam thread I made earlier:

18th Jun 2016, 22:53
I didn't get to check yesterday but now I can reach the main menu today. Odd.

I really, really hope this doesn't happen to me again as this was quite frustrating.