View Full Version : Elusive Target Silent Assassin did not unlock #2

16th Jun 2016, 19:59
Hi again.
This time the silent assassin did not unlock for elusive target #4 the sensation.
This time i have a picture for proof for the non believers :)
Please fix this.

https://s31.postimg.org/i78tajkuf/20160616_214012.jpg (https://postimg.org/image/i78tajkuf/)

Thanks a lot

16th Jun 2016, 21:44
I do not think that anyone here "disbelieved" you.

20th Jun 2016, 04:50
I do not think that anyone here "disbelieved" you.

thats why the smily is at the end... :)
i just wnated to make sure to have a proof. the last elusive SA challenge was checkmarked a few days later when i started hitman. so i guess it is a bug, maybe just on my account, because i first try the elusives with two other accounts on my ps4, so i do not mess up when i play on my main account -> but strange: on the two other accounts it showed directly after the mission that i unlocked SA challenge...