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16th Jun 2016, 15:10
Hey guys,

So, since the last update, the "Challenge Completion" tally has been added throughout the menu but it doesn't appear to be adding up correctly (I am using the PC version)?

For example, the ICA Facility is showing that I have 43 / 48 but when I look and count all the available challenges I can only find 43? I'm not sure what the other 5 are and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?

16th Jun 2016, 15:25
It counts the Elusive Target rewards/unlocks for each location. There are 5 of them.

16th Jun 2016, 15:26
Which begs the question, once we have completed 5 elusive targets, will we get 5k mastery for each location? (if the player hasn't already hit 20 obviously)

16th Jun 2016, 15:48
I don't think that's the case because my Paris Challenge Completion tally was out of 99 and when the elusive target and escalation mission were added, the value increased so it went up as new content was added.....but the total challenge for all locations don't add up correctly so I really don't know what it means.

17th Jun 2016, 00:07
In Paris, I've done everything apart from The Forger, which I missed, so can't do those two challenges (one for killing him, one for Silent Assasin). Which means I have 99/106. 7 Missing - Two Elusive Target challenges + the 5 Elusive Target challenges.

In Sapienza, I've done everything apart from the new Escalation which just popped up, which means I have 99/105. 6 Missing - One Escalation + the 5 Elusive Target challenges.

In Marrakesh, I've done everything apart from 'Gone With a Bang' challenge which is bugged, so it shows 73/79, again missing 6. One + the 5 Elusive Target challenges.

The Elusive Target challenges will not show up when you go to Destinations, ICA Facility, and then view the challenges, so if you are counting them there, you won't count all 48. You will count 43. You have to go to Career, then Challenges, where you can see them all.

Here are some screen shots from my game.

The 5 Elusive Challenges:


The Numbers:


17th Jun 2016, 00:21
bottom line, they need to simplify all these jumbled menu tabs / numbers/ tiles. It's way too confusing, has been since day one. It's a mini game just navigating through all of the mush. Map also needs to be linked to one button(console) in real time.