View Full Version : Poor Customer Service

15th Jun 2016, 23:04
I had spent the last few days trying to get in touch with someone about unlinking my PSN from my old SquareEnix account. Hours waiting when not at work, network connection issues, and talking to someone who immediately just told me to talk to someone else, and I got the WORST customer service of my life. Instead of telling me why my reason doesn't qualify, which having the only reason to unlink an account be an accidental registration is kinda stupid, I got told that I should see a psychiatrist. I've worked with customers for over eight years, and if I were to ever say that, even as a supervisor, I would be fired on the spot. You can feed me some politically correct automatically generated response all you want, but THAT would never come up. That should NEVER come up. The reason for the anxiety attached to my previous name is no one's business but my own, and a company expecting me to pay for the game as well as a subscription should respect that, and not try to make me feel worse about an already bad situation. I should have been told that, they're sorry, but for the time being that isn't a service that Square offers, and then come up with some solutions. Not the answer I had gotten about how I should see a psychiatrist. There are no "rate your experience" options or an email apparently, so I have been sent here. I don't expect a solution for my problem, but I 100% expect that this should never happen to anyone else.