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15th Jun 2016, 00:40
As of late I've had to urge to play this game once again, and sadly I don't own an original PS2 copy anymore. That being said I wanted to get my word out to Square-Enix and see if there's any way the game could be ported over to PS4, like with many other PS2 classics. It's a great game, and from doing research I've seen a lot of people on forums saying it'd be great to have it moved over. What do you say, Square? Hook us up with this beauty one more time?

26th Sep 2016, 16:01
Square-Enix please bring Radiata stories to PS4. I know there are a lot of people wishing the same thing. If you agree with me, make a post.

8th Oct 2016, 20:43
Idk if this is posted in the right forum so, sorry if its not :/ But here it goes. Radiata Stories is my all time FAVORITE game! And it breaks my heart to not be able to play it on PC. It is a game that didn't receive a whole lot of attention in the US but did fairly well elsewhere. Anywho I was wondering if anybody knew of an email that I could contact about making that happen or something. Thanks to anyone who helps ^_^

9th Oct 2016, 07:05
This game should be re-released somehow.

11th Oct 2016, 07:08
if square ported radiata to a portable system like the nx or even simply steam im certain alot of people would buy it.