View Full Version : Episode 3 won't unlock and download

12th Jun 2016, 15:47
I own the full game outright so I am entitled to each episode as they are released and they should prompt an update screen when I launch the game after they are released. However, with episode 3, there was no update screen and I am plagued with a download screen where the mission should be for me to click on.... When I goto the store it wants to charge me $9.99..... I shouldn't have to as I own the full game. What do I do?!

13th Jun 2016, 01:15
I figured it out. I'm on the Xbox preview program and with the new dashboard preview update I got, I guess it changed how these types of updates work. It didn't install automatically but instead the download for the 3rd episode was put into my ready to install section, waiting for me to install it...... Case closed... I don't know how to close the thread haha so I'll let an admin do it.