View Full Version : Elusive target E-Mail or Text alerts?

11th Jun 2016, 19:50
So far I've really enjoyed the game but I'm getting quite frustrated about the elusive targets.
The first one i missed because i wasn't aware it was active until it was too late. The second
one i succeeded in completing no problem. I figured since the first two came out on Fridays
the third one would as well. WRONG. I just checked this morning and realized i had missed
another one.

Does anyone know of an E-mail or Text alert i can signup for? There has to be a better way
than checking the Hitman home page every other day. Sorry about ranting but this has
bothered me all day ;)

11th Jun 2016, 22:13
Subscribe to Square Enix newsletter. I get notifications of Elusive Targets, but I get the info from them before that. Best to just keep checking this forum. I just posted the info for the next one.

12th Jun 2016, 04:43
Signup for the newsletter or get Twitter and add @HITMAN and you'll see all the updates days before release.