View Full Version : ff x/x-2 hd remaster ps4 disc error

11th Jun 2016, 18:39

Now finaly i got the Disc Version of the game and cant´t Play it, since the game crashes with a Disc read error:(
It crashes never on the same Frame, some times game works 20 seconds, the other time one Minute.
No Errors on the Disc found using my eyes.
When i bought it, it was sealed.
Is this realy a Disc error or a Software bug? the Ps4 blueray Disc works so loud in this game. Other games work.
What can i do??? Has my vendor to take it back? Do i have to contact square??
Any Chance for playing this one?

so Long, bruex

12th Jun 2016, 16:54
Jipi, i just tried to lay down my ps4. the game now works without any Troubles:)
Hope this helps out some other Players.
so Long, bruex