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7th Jul 2002, 03:16
I was just wondering how the "G-headz" go about ghosting a mission. Do you begin a FM with the intention to ghost? Or do you find yourself enjoying a mission part way through and then decide to start again in ghost mode (which tends to be my way of handling things)?

I'm not a regular ghoster - nor a very skilled one, but sometimes the urge takes me and off I go. All the Om's & FM's that I have ghosted have been missions that I have repeatedly enjoyed (apart from The7th Gues...Crystal :o , which I tried to ghost on my first run becouse Peter advised me to do so), but mostly I don't have the patience - or more importantly, the time.

I'm currently (slowly) working my way through CL. I want to take my time with this one as it is such a beautiful experience, and I must say I am really enjoying exploring (rather than ghosting) the maps to prolong the session.

7th Jul 2002, 05:30

You didn't enjoy ghosting The 7th Crystal? Too bad. Well, I didn't advise you to punish yourself.:)

I used to be a more avid ghoster than I am now. Particularly with the original missions. For example, I attempted to ghost the entire Thief 2 the first time through, and for the most part I succeeded. That was after I cut my teeth on ghosting TDP in my third playing of it. With that experience under my belt, I felt confident to do it.

It is true that ghosting can be more tedious with restarts and all, but it is possible to get into the rhythm and not get too bound up by it. I think ghosting the first time through a mission certainly adds an element of suspense and difficulty, simply because you do not know what to expect and where to go.

With FM's, however, it is different - the design styles are so varied, and you never know what is possible. I usually start out with the idea to ghost a FM the first time, but if I cannot do it or I think it is too much trouble, I revert to the BJ (without feeling guilty) and clear them all out. And, if that is too much trouble, I may revert to the sword or bow as necessary. So, it depends on the mission. I do not try to ghost it compulsively at all costs. If I think it is getting too tedious, I escalate the violence.

With many missions it is relatively easy to BJ everyone and cruise around undisturbed. If anything, I think that style of play results in playing the mission faster and getting less out of it. On the other hand, if you BJ all the AI, you get to spend more time looking at the art work.:)

Nowadays, if I cannot ghost a mission the first time through, I am not usually tempted to play it again in Ghost mode. My main reason for that is that I still haven't played all the FM's, and I would usually prefer to go on to something new.

7th Jul 2002, 07:00
Originally posted by Peter Smith
...You didn't enjoy ghosting The 7th Crystal?...

Yes I did. I remember I was just getting started, something happened that forced me to restart and you said ghost it. So I did...Sort of. :)

The balcony on the second floor (that's the first floor if you live in England) has a number of guards and marble floors leading off to well lit rooms that can't be doused. I remember hiding, observing, creeping, then thinking it was too much, so I reverted to blackjack mode. But after playing through the missions, I realised that area wasn't too bad afterall, but have never replayed it as (like you said) there are more FM's to complete - and I hardly play that many.

I remember reading comments about your run through S&R when I first came over to the old forum, and doing a search I found that the purge monster had left the original thread intact (maybe you placed it in the archive?). It was my first encounter with ghosting, so I was a little put off by the time you and Sneak (?) devoted to it. But the read was great...I could see the mission so clearly in my mind as I scrolled down the page.

With T3 on the horizon, I would like to try my hand at being one of the pioneers to ghost the new missions...Purely to slow me down and savour the latest offering. We shall see. :)

7th Jul 2002, 17:35
Sometimes I start out ghosting a new FM. Sometimes I'll just play it in regular style and then replay it in ghosting. Sometimes I'll switch from ghosting to normal style if I don't like the FM that much or if it is evident that you will be forced to fight. Hallucinations is a fun FM and can be ghosted. Sisterhood of Azura can't be ghosted because fully alerted guards are spawned in the same room with you but then I'd switch to playing in normal style and enjoyed playing it that way. Some FMs get so off the Thief genre that they really aren't Thief FMs; just using the Thief engine doesn't necessarily mean the FM is Thief-like. If I want sci-fi, alien encounter, fight and slaughter everything missions, I'd buy Half-Life, Sin, Unreal, and those type games (actually I have but got bored with them, uninstalled them, and gave them away - and if it weren't for the the Thief enthusiasts and their FMs, Thief would've also gone the same way).

I know some folks that claim ghosting when a mission is new to them makes it more fun. However, ghosting often incurs so many reloads because of a bust (2nd alert, damage to self, etc.) that you pretty much always see some of the mission that you'll end up replaying on the reload. So until your first reload, you've always got a little bit of advanced knowledge of what is coming up in the game because that's how you'll know to try something different after the last attempt failed. Sometimes I make a normal-style run through and then ghost, sometimes I ghost from the start. It depends on how much free time I have at the time.

8th Jul 2002, 13:32
It is not the number of reloads that distinguishes ghosting first time or not. It is the fact that you are maintaining ghost mode while exploring new territory. So, you can't plan and optimize your route in advance. If you have to hunt all around or retrace your steps, the entire thing must be done in ghost mode. Playing first in normal modes and then in ghost after all the routes and loot are discovered takes some of the edge off. Especially in the case of Perfect Thief, finding tricky loot for the first time in ghost mode can be much more of a challenge because you have to look carefully while under some pressure not to hang around.