View Full Version : Have more cameras been added?

11th Jun 2016, 02:04
maybe Hojo can answer this. Seems like since Marrakesh update, more cameras have been added to Sapienza,Paris. True? Maybe I'm just noticed them more now because of the beeping?

11th Jun 2016, 07:32
Personally I can't say I noticed any more camera's being added (I could be wrong, but up until now its still as many camera's as I remember)

That being said, I don't understand why in the fist place the camera's now show a grid on the surface they are pointing at, and make a beep sound when they detect you.

As a game mechanic I see how it helps the player to "dodge" the camera, but honestly I preferred the camera's before they were so... obvious.
I really hate it when a game starts holding my hand and pretty much is saying "watch out! don't step on the obvious green grid! we made sure its very obvious and near impossible to miss so its fool-proof!"

I mean I never seen a camera in real life casting a green grid on the location its pointing and making a beep sound every time it detects movement, seems VERY counter productive.

If I may inquire to suggest: no more "beep" sounds when detecting the player, and the green grid not being visible, except when using instinct (instinct should "reveal" the camera's current monitoring range)

It would make more sense that way, and also give a little boost to the instinct usefulness.
showing off 47's ability to guess the camera's visual range.

I feel like the regular game should not give to much help to the player when it comes to these kind of things, but instinct should work as a "hint" system, that shows things like the camera's recording range.

11th Jun 2016, 16:04
the beep sound does get very annoying after a while, especially after you've disabled the cameras. Seems like there are a couple more around outside of Silvio's mansion, and in lab area