View Full Version : Thievery Servers

7th Jul 2002, 02:52
OK, I've downloaded Thievery, got the new patch, practiced on a couple of maps, and now ...

Is there anyone around here running a server? I would, but lost my cable connection:( and am on dial up now. Or are any of the other servers decent? No cheaters, supermen or just unplayable bots?

7th Jul 2002, 03:39
I/O usually has a server up, the most decent one as far as I know(it's usually full or nearly full).

Thievery only shows Thievery games in the multiplayer section.

Oh, and there's a patch out, www.thieveryut.com, 11.7 megs

8th Jul 2002, 07:03
5 hrs & 20 mins and 91.8 Megs of Thievery DL'd......
Boy am I getting bored :D

I was just over at the TTLG Thievery forum reading about the Mod and getting a feel for the game. Nothing but praise for it so far. I'm looking forward to playing it one of these days.
Maybe tomorrow I'll have the time to finally DL the patch and actually get around to trying it out.

I do hope one of ourTaffers here will set up a server too Stikboy. Would be fun to play with you all.

Sorry to hear you lost your fast connection Stikboy, welcome to the world of 56k. :) :p :) Are you still in Co? I know of a local ISP which is real good to use if you are interested. I get Pings of 190 to 250 with them on UT, which isn't bad for 56k, and they are only 15 bucks a month.

Vesper now at 99.3 megs and counting........tick, tick, tick.....