View Full Version : Misplaced suspicion

10th Jun 2016, 14:29
I also noticed that in Marrakesh a lot of the soldiers/police are "aware" of your disguise at the most odd moments.

I could understand that, right now, due to the soldiers and police working together, a police officer can see that you are not really a soldier that is supposed to be in the building, and vice versa.

but what about the cameraman disguise? I noticed that at the upper floor near the controls of the light, there are 2 or more guards who will get suspicious of you.
Why? they don't know if you are a real cameraman or not, and you are not trespassing ether?

Is there a story to why this is happening?

I really don't like these kind of things as its what was basically wrong about Absolutions AI,
in Absolution guards were not placed and patrolled logical locations, but instead locations with a item the player could use, or a perfect location for you to assassinate the target, making guards go to places that would make no sense,

while in the past hitman games prior to absolution, guards would guard and patrol logical locations, where a real guard in real life would be stationed.

right now it feels like instead npc's are given the ability to see true your disguise if beyond them is a handy item or way to kill your target,
It does not make sense however, none of the guards, nobody should actually be able to tell you are a fake photographer except the photographer himself.