View Full Version : Metal Detector - Marrakesh

10th Jun 2016, 14:20
So its something I noticed a few times but slipped my mind ever so often,
but when you enter the consulate in Marrakesh at the front, you first pass a small gate.
No matter how I look at it, this looks a lot like a metal-detector, but even so no alarm's go off when I pass it.

I'm just wondering wherever this is actually not a metal detector at all (even tough it really looks like it)
or if its supposedly "broken", and the guard's are unaware of it,
or they just don't use it (what would be weird considering during a mass riot you don't just let anyone in the consulate without properly checking them for weapons right?)

11th Jun 2016, 08:11
Yes the d├ętector is not working, it's too bad. If it's will be working, you have to drop your weapons and retrieve it in a safe room , it's a fun technique ^^ ( Sorry for my english again , it's hard ! I ^^ )