View Full Version : Get through the COLDITZ door without key.

7th Jul 2002, 02:28
Here are fun stuff you can do with this game. For example you can use Spy to get through the castle door without key. The link below shows you how to do it (with lots of pictures).

:D Click here (http://www.missouri.edu/~esea1/comm/) :D

Have fun

7th Jul 2002, 11:36
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7th Jul 2002, 17:29
Please easy on me I'm just a newbie for C2 :)


7th Jul 2002, 23:27
Don't worry, we're all newbies on this board :D

10th Jul 2002, 23:10
Well, it clearly is a bug. Does not work for me... so not a "good" solution I would say... :D


11th Jul 2002, 01:33
Well, you can still get the spy through the castle undetected and then open the door with the key from the inside so the other commandos can enter.

11th Jul 2002, 03:18
Originally posted by iakovos
Does not work for me...


The way to get this to work ...
1) Only spy can do this trick.
2) He must be in German uniform.

You don't need to hold Shift+click on the door, of course it's locked. Just let him stand near the door, use mouse click at the area (1) in the picture shown. That's it. (see pic on my www)

I have tested over and over, and it always work fine. At least 2 type of uniform that I already tested (officer rank , soldier rank).

If he is not in uniform, he will not get in to that door. ;)


11th Jul 2002, 03:45
PS. Almost all of the stuff on my site are about C2's bugs. Please do not send me any more e-mail to tell me that "This is a bug". I already know it.

Anyway thanks for your guys input & suggestion. :D


11th Jul 2002, 09:25
I did act the way you described in your webpage and here. My Spy in uniform refuses to go by the way of the door. instead he starts going all the way around to get to point B without getting through the door. As I have told you already it is a bug and I guess it works on your version of the game. There are bugs that do exist in previous versions of Commandos (like the boat bug in BEL) that did not work in my version of BEL too.
I guess you got lucky.


PS. We know that your fun stuff are about bugs. I was expecting something of a tactic to get through that door...oh well...

11th Jul 2002, 12:05
I see. This must be the same as in my case. For me I can't run over the enemy with the truck (Hai Phong) while the others can. Enemies always start shooting to my truck when I get close to them.

11th Jul 2002, 12:11
That is because the patch got rid of that bug, the oter people just don't got the patch installed when doing that.

[PAK]Krwawy Lew
11th Jul 2002, 12:25

Those are some really fun bugs you found
i like the one where the crock eats all the soldiers.....nice work dude :D

11th Jul 2002, 18:05
Check back there next week, if I'm able to capture the game play of those stuff in to Flash file, I'll add them to each section.


12th Jul 2002, 19:24
lol I liked the Release captured enemy! (method2) in your site

13th Jul 2002, 07:17
Nice job whit Colditz dude!

13th Jul 2002, 08:39
Thanks guys... :D

Hey BTW just add some movies there. Nothing new, the movies will show some result from those stuff.

ekn Smy