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10th Jun 2016, 09:44
I will soon get my hands on the latest Hitman game. Thing is I will migrate from my old PC and get a gaming laptop.
As a former guy having bad things thinking about laptop and gaming at the same time, this purchase makes it hard..
I found this site with gaming laptops and got interested in this CybertronPC. Best High Ending Laptops (http://technemag.com/best-high-end-gaming-laptops/)
Anyone here having some experience with this gaming laptop or some other input regarding the topic?? Maybe I dont have to buy the latest and most expensive one..

Thanks folks!

10th Jun 2016, 11:15
Just a note that your post comes across as a spam post. I'm going to assume it's not though.

I've never had a gaming laptop and never will. I still prefer a desktop. While not being completely up to date with the laptops equivalents of parts I think I can still offer some advice.

The site you linked doesn't really add useful information.
The Cybertron laptop

overkill because: 2x 500 GB SSD in RAID0, a SSD is a good choice to have as boot drive and having two of them is not bad either but putting them in RAID0 still today is stupid. RAID0 gives a bit of a performance boost but comes at a great cost since now if one of the two drives dies your laptop is temporarily useless. This is because the drives are mirrored. So while having two 500 GB drives you only have 500 GB available as the drives are shown as one drive.

32 GB RAM kinda depends what other plans you have with your laptop, might be too much depends on your usage. For games 16 GB is enough for now.

The video card is a 980 nvidia with 8GB of RAM. I think that is at the moment not necessary and you could do with either another type in the series (970 or 960) with 4 GB of RAM. Keep in mind that NVIDIA recently released new video cards for the desktop and will in the next months also release new ones for laptops. Maybe you can get a better deal on an older model then.

For the processor an i7 is only really beneficial when you are doing video editing or rendering. Otherwise an i5 is the better choice.


not a gaming laptop in my eyes because while a 1TB drive sounds good for a boot drive nowadays you want an SSD. A mechanical harddrive is already slower but for laptops they run even slower 5400 RPM versus 7200 RPM on desktop.


no because, slow hard drive and very low screen resolution, not really intended for gaming, also doesn't seem to have a dedicated graphics card.

The specs on the site you linked are different than the ones shown on Amazon. The specs on the site you linked seem ok although it still has a mechanical drive as it's main drive.

I don't really have any alternatives to offer maybe some other members can share their experience.
For gaming desktops I usually aim for a price point around € 1000-1200. I think you should be able to get a decent gaming laptop for around € 1500.

11th Jun 2016, 11:32
Hi Mike_B,
I am sorry for trigging the alert, was not my intention.
Yes, I had the similar thoughts before, that only a desktop will do for gaming. The thing is this is a logistic issue and I need to be "mobile". A gaming laptop seems to be the only solution here.. You did put a lot of vaulable info here, I will definitly take it into consideration. Reason why I thought the Cybertron was good was that it will probably be able to run the new games coming out this year, and the ones not too far in the future. Maybe for Hitman it will do more than just fine.

If anyone else have any advices, pls let me know :)

11th Jun 2016, 14:44
Well logistics is certainly a very good reason to look for a mobile solution.

My main reason for not going for a laptop is mostly that I can't work on it myself and don't know what kind of brand all the parts are. It states x amount of disk space but it doesn't mention which company makes the SSD for example that's the kind of thing I like to know/pick myself.

My post wasn't really clear about this but I do think that the Cybertron's specs are really good. Again I don't know much about mobile gaming but with those specs you should be fine. My main reason for disliking it is the harddrive setup as mentioned earlier.

You posted the thread in the correct section I think, but I'll move it to the general hitman forum to give it a bit more exposure.

21st Jun 2016, 16:04
Go grab yourself the latest Asus - Republic of Gamers I paid $2250 AUD.. screen reso is 1920 x 1050 also comes with an nvidia geforce GTX 960M gfx card