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7th Jul 2002, 02:18
I know, I know...One of them sort of questions that is asked on normal OT boards, but what the taff!

So what is your all time favorite music video?

I'm not a MTV junkie or anything (I rarely watch TV at all), but I've been streaming my favorite music vid's and just wondered what everyones favorite was.

I used to have a thing for Peter Gabriel's Sledge Hammer for longer than I can remember, and Thriller was great when I was a kid. Black Sabbath's b&W Paranoid also brings back fond memories (although I'm not usually a rock fan), and let me not forget Duran Duran's Wild Boys. But after careful consideration, I have realised that the video that has that extra special something is Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice featuring the ever wonderful Christopher Walken.

But surely old Mr. Russian Roulette himself ( ;) ) cannot elevate a lowly pop video to such heights? Well I believe it all comes down to deadpan! :)

So go on...Indulge me. Your favorite and why?

Old Gold
7th Jul 2002, 02:46
My favorite isn't actually a short form single song video, rather it is the home video by Jackson Browne, entitled Going Home. Wonderful artist, wonderful video.

Jackson Browne is my favorite artist, alongside Pink Floyd, The Eagles, and Alan Parsons.

7th Jul 2002, 03:22
Ahh, love this stuff.

Like most connoisseur I list just about all of Chris Cunningham's clips.
Aphex Twin's 'Come to Daddy' and 'Windowlicker'
Bjork's 'All is full of Love'
Portishead's 'only you'
Autechre's 'Second Bad Vilbel'
Squarepusher's 'Come on My Selector'
Leftfield's 'Afrika Shox'

he's cool and his style's been copied slavishly. (On that topic I'd like to know who first thought of using fisheye lenses and such for rap videos. They must be making a killing).
There's a guy who did a couple for the Chemical Brothers (I think it's a couple) 'Let forever be' is great anyway, and the new one 'The Test' is pretty cool too.
err, what else....
There's this cool clip for a Moloko song that has the band chasing each other through a city, but the city is actually a very large hamster wheel kinda thing. Can't remember the name of the song.
There's a Lauryn Hill clip where she's wandering around the neighborhood but the streets are a giant wax LP with a needle running around them.
UNKLE's 'Rabbit in your headlights' is cool
Radiohead's 'Pyramid Song' clip is great too.
Gorillaz clips are all great.
Wagon Christ's 'reciever' clip is cute
The Beasty Boys' 'Sabotage' is, of course, a classic.

hmm, well there's heaps more. I'll probably be back. ;)

Ahh yes. I remember. Some boke called <a href="http://director-file.com/gondry/D.html" target=_blank>Michel Gondry</a> did a bunch of great ones too.
Terence Trent D'Arby's: She Kissed Me
Massive Attack's 'Protection'
Cibo Matto's 'Sugar water'
White Stripes 'Fell in Love with a girl' (Lego rotoscoping! Genius!)

7th Jul 2002, 04:10
OMG! This is just too freaky! :eek:

*breath deep*

Ok...Let me start by stating that many people call me "Muz" as my maiden name is "Murray". Not freaky enough for you? Well you have just coined 4 of my favorite artists ( Aphex Twin, Wagon Christ, U.N.K.L.E. & Autechre) in one single post! :eek:

I forgot about WC's "Receiver" video (I love anything animated), and Window Licker was so good. Warp...Ninja Tune...Mo Wax...Oh I could die (but instead I'll just blush :o ).

The wonders of OT banter! :)

Grrr...You had to go and spoil it by slipping in Terence Trent! :(

Old Man - Never heard of Jackson Browne, but I'll be sure to have a look. I see you mentioned Pink floyd, so if you're talking "Interstellar Overdrive" here, I think I may well like this Browne Taffer. :)

7th Jul 2002, 04:18
Originally posted by Gumdrop
Ok...Let me start by stating that many people all me "Muz" as my maiden name is "Murray".

Whoo...stop the bus!

I thought you were male? Do males have maiden names in England......or am I missing something here?

7th Jul 2002, 04:22
Hmm...So what do UST's refer to their second name as? Their second name?

Over here our maiden name is our second name. First name, middle name (or names) and maiden name (or second name). :)

7th Jul 2002, 05:30
Ah, those on this continent refer to last names as either surnames or last names, first name is given name or first name, middle is middle.

For females before getting married and taking the males name(if they want to) their surname is their maiden name. So maiden name only applies to females over here.

Traditionally a maiden is female, hence maiden name only applying to females.

7th Jul 2002, 09:26
Paradise City by Guns&Roses!

No other music video captures the magic of being a hard core football supporter in the 80s.

7th Jul 2002, 12:44
1) The Pink Floyd concert video "Pulse"
2) One of the 1st "video's" "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

7th Jul 2002, 12:51
Die Ärzte - Männer sind Schweine :D

Very funny Video, the band fights against Lara Croft......

7th Jul 2002, 14:33
&lt;Tangent&gt;Ok, where I am (South UK) a maiden name is the surname of a woman before she is married.&lt;/Tangent&gt;

7th Jul 2002, 15:18
Originally posted by Gumdrop
Hmm...So what do UST's refer to their second name as? Their second name?

Over here our maiden name is our second name. First name, middle name (or names) and maiden name (or second name). :)

Ahhh..now I get it. You threw me a curve there. :p

Yup..on this side of the pond we have first, middle, and last names. :)

7th Jul 2002, 17:01
Just yesterday, I saw the new video of George Michael, "Shoot the dog" (the one which is forbidden in the States or so I've heard). It was pretty funny. :D

7th Jul 2002, 17:05
Metallica's "One"

7th Jul 2002, 22:15
Originally posted by ChristineS
Die Ärzte - Männer sind Schweine :D

Very funny Video, the band fights against Lara Croft......

Are they still around?

7th Jul 2002, 22:42
OK, a few from Mr Metal here, to balance all the electronica and such :p ;)

As already noted, Metallica's "One" video, with footage from the movie 'Johnny Got His Gun', based on the Dalton Trumbo novel, is a classic.

Tool's dark and industrial claymation (!) "Sober" video looks fantastic, and fits the song well (I have some problems with the lyrics of the song, but that's a separate issue!)

As also mentioned above the video for Massive Attack's "Protection" is a very fine one.

Metallica's videos for "The Memory Remains" and "Unforgiven 2" are pretty good.

I also really like the one for Bjork's "Army of Me".


8th Jul 2002, 01:09
Bryan White's "Love is the Right Place" or "Tree of Hearts". :)

Mr. Perfect
8th Jul 2002, 03:37
Dont' watch 'em really. But I do like the opening lines in U2's Elevation one.

"This is Evil Bono" :D

8th Jul 2002, 05:24
Originally posted by Zaccheus

Are they still around?

Yes :) Since 20 years, with a little break between...

8th Jul 2002, 11:30
Ich ess Blumen, denn Tiere tun mir leid ...

Boy oh boy.

8th Jul 2002, 14:41
...lieber Akazien als 'nen ****en, fetten Schinken....:)

8th Jul 2002, 14:44
Hey, you called up the auto-censor with a totally harmless word ('thick' for those of you wondering). :)

8th Jul 2002, 14:54
Thank you, Kyloe.....:)
I didn't know why the *** comes up...:D This word is in german harmless.... and I don't know what it mean in english, I think it's better I don't know it...;)

Old Gold
8th Jul 2002, 16:39
Actually, Old Man is a completely different Forum Member.

I, am Old Gold, formerly known as Goldmoon Dawn. :p

Jackson Browne was an artist from the seventies, most known for his songs, Doctor My Eyes, These Days, Running on Empty, Hold Out, Rock Me On The Water, and others.

He also wrote the music half of the Eagles song Take It Easy.

Munin the Raven
9th Jul 2002, 02:15
I'm not nearly the music video connoisseur some of you board members are. I'm more interested in the music itself, and many of my favorite artists have not made music videos. However, I am becoming more interested in music videos as a form of artistic expression.

One music video that really stands out in my mind is the video for "Worlock" by Skinny Puppy. The band alone is mostly forgotten, though it's influence on music as a whole is not. Without the industrial music of Skinny Puppy, bands like Ministry and Nine Inch Nails may have never come to be, and the growing genre of techno-industrial and its influence on mainstream artists would have suffered.

The song "Worlock", like much of Skinny Puppy's material, is best described by the word "bizarre" (it's one of my favorite songs by them). The video is a gut-wrenching patchwork of gory scenes from dozens of horror movies. It's the only music video I know of that's rated X for violence alone. It's also illegal because of copyright infringement (it was also labeled as pornography shortly after its release due to its X rating, raising other legal issues), and will most likely never be part of a legal music video collection because of the excessive amount of paperwork required to sell it legally. To make matters even more interesting, several versions of the video exist.