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9th Jun 2016, 17:52
ps4. Since 1.07 update, In Paris, can hear crowd noise from upper floor when running in basement , in Morocco , we can hear it in tunnel, under the protesters. It's not a muffled sound, it's full volume, like we are running through the actual crowd. anyone else?

9th Jun 2016, 20:07
I just playyed the Showstopper. There definitely have been changes. Right away I noticed that the makeup guy does not walk through the basement hallway like he used to. He is already in his seat with the guards. The acoustics of the basement have definitely changed, but the way I hear it, it sounds right. I hear upstairs, but only to the extent of which you would hear a mass gathering of people and music above you. In the staircase you hear nothing because the basement is porous stone while the stairway is marble.

SIDE NOTE: other things have changed like the crew guy on the second floor that is with the Auction staff near the piano now has a laptop and crew gear. There are more ingress points from the ledge as more windows are open. These are good things.

I am playing on PS4. What do you play on?

9th Jun 2016, 20:55
The makeup guy still walks in hall. I just played it. No way we should be hearing the crowd upstairs, and in the tunnel in Morocco. It's a bug. Haven't noticed any more open windows.

10th Jun 2016, 09:47
I noticed that too,
In France I can hear the party upstairs while I'm in the basement inside the room where the rat poison/master key are located, or the room next to it where some guards and a makeup artist are taking a break.

In Marrakesh I can hear the street crowd while in the tunnel between the conclave and shoe shop.

But I decided not to post it here as it stopped for me after the last elusive target, I assumed it came with a patch that fixed it, tough it could also just have been dumb luck that the bug did not happen again after that.

Now that we are mentioning audio bugs anyways, I have tried playing with the music completely off and noticed some strange bits

1 - While in Sapienza, trying to make a contract I tried to kill the... Honestly I don't know what to call him, the guy in the weird hippy clothes that has joint's lying around in his apartment.

I wanted to take him down with the proximity rubber duck.
I placed the rubber duck in front of his door, hoping he would notice the quacking sound and go pick it up, as a madman I ran downstairs and went to the streets,
bug is: I could still hear the quacking of the rubber duck as if it was right in front of me,
I'm guessing the sound in the game only reads its distance in horizontal distance but not vertical?

basically placing the rubber duck 20 meters away from myself in a horizontal distance makes the sound less loud.
but placing it 20 meters away in a vertical distance (for example the top floor of a building, and going to the basement of that building) I can still hear the rubber duck as if it was right in front of me.

(that being said, the rubber duck's alerting range is way to small compared to how much noise it actually makes. The hippy guy never went to pick it up, even tough I could hear the sound of the duck from the streets XD)

2 - the distance sound travel's in this game is a bit too over the top, best example I have is in Paris, in the garden's where Helmut is.
I decided to get his outfit again. and went to knock him out at the location where he goes to make the phonecall
close by that location is a crate where you can hide body's, I knocked out a guard earlier there too, and hid both helmut and the guard in that crate, but forgot to clean up the gun from the guard.

As a result, while I was in my Helmut disguise and was literally at the entrance of the building, I could HEAR a guard at the crate saying clearly "hu? how did that get here?"

I'm not very good in guessing a distance, but for anyone who knows the map,
the distance is from the entrance door of the building, to the crate where I stored those body's.
And I could still hear that guard's voice, only slightly muffled.

The distance sound travel's should really be reduced a bit.

10th Jun 2016, 12:23
There are more ingress points from the ledge as more windows are open. These are good things.

I am playing on PS4. What do you play on?

That's a really interesting change! Glad someone noticed it, well done! Perhaps a full list of changes after every update would help us utilise them better.

10th Jun 2016, 13:19
where are there more open windows? I don't think it's been changed at all from before. I get the crowd noise in the same spots as Doom. Except mine are still there