View Full Version : Leurre sonore Bug ?

8th Jun 2016, 20:09
J'aimerais savoir si le leurre sonore et bugger ou si le jeux est comme sa car si je le sort de ma poche les garde Arve dans ma position alors que je ne l'ai même pas placer merci pour une réponse

8th Jun 2016, 20:38
English? you should know by now, this game & any other language than English is forbidden:)

9th Jun 2016, 16:58
I use google translation so sorry if this is not good

I have some problem with the sound lure the enemy will automatically detects when I out of my "pocket" even through the wall.

9th Jun 2016, 18:35
If I understand you correctly, you are having problems with distractions. The effectiveness of them depends on whether the person you try to distract knows that you threw the item. Do it right in front of them and they will just talk about you. Even when you hide they "see" you sometimes if they saw you go behind the wall. Practice with it and see what works best for you. How long have you been playing?

9th Jun 2016, 19:08
.The enemies peuve detect me as a suspet traver the wall without seeing me . It detects me that if I out of my inventory without having to launch

9th Jun 2016, 19:18
Are you on a console or PC?

9th Jun 2016, 19:28
i am on pc but I saw the same problem as me http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=189368

9th Jun 2016, 19:36

10th Jun 2016, 02:05
The Remote Audio Distractor gets him noticed by guards as soon as he pulls it form his inventory, even behind walls, so he is reporting a [BUG].

10th Jun 2016, 03:54
Apologies man. I misunderstood what you were asking. I have yet to use the R.A.D., so I don't know what sound it makes, nor have I had issues. I will try it out though.

10th Jun 2016, 15:00
watch the video and you 'll understand

10th Jun 2016, 16:30
Yeah its a annoying bug.

Basically it always registers as if the device would be turned on, even if you did not use the trigger yet.
Meaning just pulling it out of your pockets automatically distracts every NPC nearby.
Hoping this will be fixed in the next patch.

If anything I'm happy this is not happening with the remote bombs too, would be weird to take out your bomb and it immediately explodes in your hands :hmm:

11th Jun 2016, 18:36
Is there not a way to know the developer