View Full Version : Sapienza bug. Found while killing the Prince.

8th Jun 2016, 14:38
1. When you subdue someone in the sewers right beneath the wishing well near the church, you have a chance triggering a "body dump", and you will hear and watch the water splashing, getting you a non-target kill.
2. NPCs can NOT hear through iron gates? You literally see the NPCs through the iron gate, but they just can hear you throwing stuff. You have to manually open the gate, and throw things, then they will respond.
3. Still has the "see through walls" bug. I hid a body around the corner, there are walls between the NPC and the body, and I lured the NPC out, he just spotted the body through 2 walls.

Hope dev can fix these, especially those x-ray vision NPCs and unexpected non-target kills. It's lucky though as long as you don't kill the exclusive target, you can always replan the mission, redo it, so I still got the SA on the Prince. However, these bugs cost me more effort in retrying just because of some stupid NPCs.

8th Jun 2016, 16:22
just restart when they spot you.