View Full Version : Bringing back Close Combat and "kill" animations to Blood Money Standards!

8th Jun 2016, 00:13
i´ve been a long time Hitman Fan and have played all the games in the series. I just recently picked up the new game and i´m really impressed with it. However there is this one thing that is really bugging me which is why i´m making this post.
The close combat animations feel a little lackluster, like they have been rushed or not given much attention at all. I don´t wanna diminish the work the developers have put into them or the game in generall, so please let me explain what i mean.

In Blood Money for example i remember that there must have been like 4-5 different animation just for the garotte. 47 would do a random one when attacking from behind, but there where also custom ones for npcs that where sitting. The same goes for multiple Weapons like Knifes and Hammers, not all of them had multiple animations, but they all had at least a special feel to them. 47 had kind of a personal touch when using these weapons during the animations, one example that stands out for me is the syringe, in the old games (pre Absolution) 47 would grab the enemy, expose his neck and calmly inject the poison into them and then softly lay them down on the ground. I always felt that it was kind of a charectarization tool in how these animations played out, how 47 was completely with out emotion just calmly professionaly and resolute about what he was doing.
Now in comparison in the new Hitman Title, 47 just quickly pokes them with the syringe from nehind and afterwards they just collapse pretty drastically showing the limitations of the ragdoll engine in my opinion. As i said earlier I like the new game and how it´s gone back to the roots of Hitman which encaourage observation, improvesation and experimentation, but this particullar thing about the animations just annoys the crap out of me. Especially the garotte deserves some more attention in this area since it´s such a signature weapon for 47.

Well i hope this wasn´t too long and gets maybe adressed in a future update, it would certainly make for one happy fan!

greetings to all of you and thanks for a great game


P.S.: I know there are already Threads about this, so i won´t start a new one, but please please please, with sugar on top, bring back the Sniper Suitcase!
And including the Weapon assembling animation, the same thing from the Thread above applies to this, it´s such an iconic weapon for 47 and such a nice way to immerse yourself in the role of a hitman when you slowly assemble your sniper rifle, getting ready for your next hit.

8th Jun 2016, 01:54
agreed, but I"ve given up on even suggesting these things. They always seem to defend not having them with "well, it's a priority, balance thing", or "well, we haven't really worked those out yet". The syringe is really bad, worse than fiber wire.