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7th Jun 2016, 09:35
This is just a thing that crossed my mind, but considering the story is now focused on a group who is steadily becoming more and more aware that the death's of there co workers are not mere accidents, but a unknown organization is actually hunting them down one by one.

will future targets become a bit more "aware" of there surroundings?

Our first targets were blissfully unaware, to them it was just another day. So they would not notice subtle changes in there lives that could get them killed.

But future targets are pretty much after Marrakesh aware that they are being hunted, so won't they become increasingly aware to small details? (I'm not talking about placing more guards and control, but the targets actually noticing small things that are out of place) Depending on there personality and background of course.

as well as the possibility of having to target somebody with great hand to hand combat skills/weapon knowledge, or even somebody who him/herself is a assassin? Or as a example to past hitman games, that out of the blue a other assassin, who is not a target attacks you in the middle of the level? (like in the Russian snow level of Silent Assassin 2, where another Agent from the experiments that made 47 is sitting in wait in the main building with a sniper rifle, shooting you the moment you are in his sight. Or the seductive lady in blood money during a party in a private home build against a mountain wall, who stands alone in a room, as if trying to lure you in, and attacks you when you get in the room)
And many other examples.

Its not that the game should turn in a all out assassin combat simulator, but it would just strike me as odd that in the entire story, eventually everybody was aware that they were being targeted, even know how there own fellow members died, and yet never took any reprecutions to those methods.

This is one of the reason's why a while back I suggested that every mission also gets a update on all the information found after the mission (if a gun was fired, were bullet shells found? were bullet holes found? what type of gun/bullet was used, how did the target die? were there any witnesses?) and based on that info, that in the next episode you play, fail-safes are set in place to prevent those things (if a gun was used, guards will be especially suspicious when they see you holding that type of gun, or if they find it lying on the ground, instead of just taking it to the weapon deposit, they will also sound the alarm as they know the assassin that they were warned about is possibly in the area)

My personal thing with the game right now is that the "live" component of the game is nice and all, but it would be a lot better if the game had a more "alive" component to it, where the story map's change depending on how well you scored in the previous story map.
Eventually not changing the story itself, but will make changes to how the next level will play (wherever you start completely incognito, or the guards already know what you look like before you even start can make a huge difference in gameplay and approach, as well as how high the "awareness" level of the targets themselves is)

7th Jun 2016, 20:12
Paris, Sapienza felt alot more "robotic" than Marrakesh I have to admit. While playing it, I feel sort of "outside" the game. Marrakesh everyone seemed a lot more aware of me, not just enforcers, but nearly everyone. I liked it, although the mission was a bit lacking. As far as elusives, the thing I noticed with the first two is that the bodyguards of the target are moronic. Way too easy to distract them. The guard for the forger just disappeared, leaving him alone for half his route. Easy for me. The congressman's guards just stood there after I threw a coin, not paying any attention to the target. The first time I played sarajevo six guard was the same way. He stopped on his way down to the basement and just stayed there, so I had the target all alone. As far as maps changing , I wouldn't bet on it. It's clear IOI is taking the budget approach to this game. I couldn't believe what I was reading when Torben said "I believe the game was polished upon release". in a recent interview. The guy seems nice, but he rubs me the wrong way.