View Full Version : Marrakesh 5-Kill Challenges

5th Jun 2016, 00:58
Prank Phone Call
Wishing Well
I Re-Fuze

. . . and I think there might be one more.

I have some questions for anyone that has managed to do these.

- Are these cumulative or must it be done in one run?
- Is there any way to do it without using a featured contract?

I would like to accomplish this within "A Gilded Cage" if possible. Nothing against the creative community, but I do not like the idea of making up contracts just to accomplish these challenges.

5th Jun 2016, 01:20
Phone box one is definitely cumulative, the Well challenge I did in one, so couldn't say... and I believe the Re-Fuze is also cumulative. :)

5th Jun 2016, 01:31
Thanks. You got them in Contracts mode though, correct?

5th Jun 2016, 02:50
Thanks. You got them in Contracts mode though, correct?


5th Jun 2016, 03:01
I only even bother because of the trophy whore in me. I have a feeling that when the platinum shows up it will have to do with collection of challenges.