View Full Version : Hitman Doesnt launch after clicking play- PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM

4th Jun 2016, 18:45
The hitman icon appears and then disappears from the taskmgr. I have whitelisted the folder in antivirus and also verified integrity

The intro pack worked fine ,but after i downloaded the DLC the game fails to launch .Even after removal of the DLC, hitman fails to start

It seems something has updated and has broken the game .

Have the minimum system requirements been changed after the intro pack , does the game need more RAM in order to launch ?

4th Jun 2016, 19:39
You're best getting in touch with our Customer Support team, they should be able to help you out: HITMAN Customer Support (http://support.eu.square-enix.com/faqtop.php?id=13941&la=2)

4th Jun 2016, 20:08
How do i raise an incident ? Is there a mail address where i can contact them ?

4th Jun 2016, 20:24
Hi Mr Professor, I dont see any option where i can fill a form and submit it.

Will i surely get a response

5th Jun 2016, 10:01
how do we get in touch with developer ?

5th Jun 2016, 13:18
can someone please respond ?

5th Jun 2016, 21:19
You can, but i'm over a month now no response. Even though ProfessorHojo's intentions are well placed; Customer Support either doesn't exist or is swamped with so many tickets that even after a month i have not gotten a response