View Full Version : Drown in a toilet not working??

4th Jun 2016, 15:41
I am trying to complete "The Granville Curiosity" in Paris and I am on the 3rd escalation. It is asking me to drown someone using a toilet but when I pasify them and drag them to the toilet, I am not given the option to drown them.

Should I be doing something else?
I am sure this used to be available?

4th Jun 2016, 15:56
You need to open the bathroom door and throw a coin close enough to the toilet that the prompt to drown them appears when they go to pick it up. Might take a few tries, it's a bit finicky.

4th Jun 2016, 17:03
To drown someone you either have to use emetic poison and make them vomit or like doom said, get them close enough to the toilet (while still conscious) and the option to subdue or drown appears. I suggest watching the escalation on youtube if you have been unable to position them correctly.