View Full Version : Anyone stuck with Hitman?? Look no further!!

2nd Jun 2016, 22:45
Hi All,

Just a quick message for anyone that is stuck on certain aspects of the new Hitman game or for all you hardened Hitman Veterans like myself who just enjoy watching other people's views on how to get the job done.

Please go and check out this guy called MrFreeze2244 on YouTube. He's a great up and coming Youtuber that makes some really good and fun Hitman tutorial videos. Not only that but he will soon be doing a live stream to get viewers involved in setting him challenges on how complete the current levels which should be fun!!


Hope you all find this useful as I stumbled across his live feed of elusive targets and his videos are definitely worth a watch.


HitmanGuruJoe - Helping Youtubers to help you!!

6th Jun 2016, 01:28
I discovered this channel on the weekend - the guy's awesome!!