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2nd Jun 2016, 19:26
The long-awaited Death Valley Challenge Mode is finally here and with it comes a bunch of new stuff.

Check our trailer for the update (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hceUexGf4og), it's pretty cool!

The new mode is incredibly exciting. It’s a way faster and even more action-focused than our classic Contracts Mode. You’ll have to protect the lone survivor Ben, while he repairs his trucks, from hordes of zombies. Each difficulty mode will unlock a new special zombie of which there are three, the Juggernaut, the Banshee and the Beast.

To survive this onslaught, you’ll need to upgrade your rifle in and between waves. The more zombies you kill, the more upgrade tokens you’ll get so you’ll need to be quick and efficient if you want to succeed. You can also unlock perks that can offer some great bonuses by completing a variety of achievements. Our dynamic AI that adapts to your performance will also make sure every playthrough feels fresh and new.

More succinctly, here’s what we’re bringing to the game:
New Death Valley Challenge Mode:
o New game mode: Survive hordes of zombies
o Three difficulty modes to unlock
o New Judicator CO-78 rifle that can be upgraded at any time
o Over 30 achievements that unlock various perks
Montenegro Contracts Mode
o New Jaeger rifle (IAP): Cuts by half the cost of perks in Death Valley
o Unlock the Judicator CO-78 for Montenegro with Zombie Tokens
o The Aria, Aria-Gold, Cipher, Merry Maker and Adagio can now be upgrade to Level 15

Bugs we are aware of at the moment:
- A Jaeger doesn't cut the ahicevement prices by 50%
- A Restore purchase crashes the game
- A Crashes on launch
- B Score screen background low-res iPhone C02
- B Keep the upgrade screen in Everyplay videos
- C Share screen not present on your first DV run
- C Armory: next weapon arrow hidden by banner
- D Ben takes time to go back to its car is inconsistent.

Can’t wait to see what you think about it and don,t hesitate to report your issues via the feedback button in game or via the Square Enix Support Center.


4th Jun 2016, 05:51
I've tried the Death Valley mode so what I'm about to say is based on practical experience. The first image shows my first position

And my current position;

What can I say, may be its the diminishing marginal utility why I'm not enjoying the game all that much. The idea is to save the guy and score the highest. Scoring is achieved by simply shooting zombies which are scattered all over. The strategy of gaining higher scores is so simplistic that it offends. I'm hardly excited by shooting stationary zombies. Hoping it will get more exciting as we carry on.

Ben being attacked definitely is a bone chilling experience

4th Jun 2016, 23:41
I've already gone back to playing the Montenegro map ad infinitum, as the zombie scenario is really boring, gets too difficult too quickly and is not befitting of the series. There's no strategy involved, just shooting monsters as quickly as possible. Zzzzzz.

5th Jun 2016, 07:20
I should add that there are near infinite parameters in the shop that are too confusing. The game has suddenly got over-intricate. I barely scraped Hard and after unlocking Expert, I doubt I'm interested in being mercilessly mauled. Hard is hell enough.

One bug I noticed, as I started playing one run of the Hard, one of the Zombies (not the fast beasts) suddenly ran from the LEFT. The speed was like that of the Beasts

6th Jun 2016, 13:42
Played the Death Valley map for a little bit but it got too boring very quick. There just is not much to win and accomplish. You keep shooting Zombies to save ben but in the end you always loose anyways. The graphic is pretty nice but that is not enough to keep playing the map. It also has absolutely nothing to do with the original Hitman series. For me personally "Death Valley" is a big fail because the Hitman series has so much potential as the Montenegro map has shown. It would have been nice the Developers would have build on that.

6th Jun 2016, 23:24
Agree with the feedback in this thread, I was expecting a lot more with the death valley map.

I'm hoping this is just the start and you'll add more gameplay within the map. Some examples where I think providing cover would be interesting:
- Clear a path as survivors enter the map
- Provide cover as survivors need time to setup/build defenses
- Survivors need escort support to other areas of the map for supplies
- Protect survivors from other human groups and use zombies as an army to take on the intruders

Lastly, the realtime weapon upgrade of the zombie game mode does not feel good. I'd replace it with the montenegro mission gameplay (eg. help 8 of 12 survivors make it to the center shelter) and use the weapon upgrade method from the montenegro map as well.

17th Jun 2016, 09:14
Where is the Android update? I'm not bothered about the new map, but I'd like to upgrade the weapons I currently have...

27th Jun 2016, 14:33

There really is no point to this forum whatsoever! Questions are not answered, reported bugs are never addressed and end users, some of which have spent good money on this flawed app are left deeply frustrated by the lack of response from the developers.

9th Aug 2016, 00:00
Over two months after the iOS update, Android users are STILL waiting and the iOS version no longer works. Way to go!

12th Aug 2016, 21:20
Where is the Android update? I'm not bothered about the new map, but I'd like to upgrade the weapons I currently have...

Two months of waiting for something I didn't want and now I see I cannot upgrade ANY of my rifles without playing this zombie nonsense. I've spent real cash on this game and now find that the pretend cash I've built up is totally useless. Brilliant, just brilliant...