View Full Version : Where is the lamb dish? (Marrakesch)

2nd Jun 2016, 16:10
If you listen the talking of the general you get an information that the General waits for a lamb dish from the basar. I searched and searched, but I can't find it. Does anybody of you have found it?

3rd Jun 2016, 15:22
The dish is in a little food alcove just outside the area with the shoe shop, but you can't pick it up, so you have to wake up the waiter who must deliver it. All you can do is find it and poison it. The vid below has more details.


3rd Jun 2016, 20:42

4th Jun 2016, 00:09
this is pretty much a time saver if you don't feel like running through the crowd to get to the school. I haven't tried dressing as the waiter, but is it possible to dress as waiter , enter the school without being gunned down for no reason?