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2nd Jun 2016, 07:50
I was playing just now and was about to get my first Silent Assassin run in Marrakesh. Killed Zaydan first as the prisoner and then electrocuted Claus. Diana says locate an exit but the exits never activated. Top it off, I tried to load a quicksave and the game would not load.

Is anyone else having this issue? It is easy enough to replay, but that was a huge waste of time. Please fix this IO/S-E.

I am playing on the PS4 and live in New York.

2nd Jun 2016, 08:05
Hoping this was a one time issue. I restarted the PS4 and was able to load the save, finish the level and get everything I had earned in the run.

2nd Jun 2016, 21:13
I am also on ps4, haven't had this happen.

4th Jun 2016, 07:30
Has not happened to me since, thank goodness.

4th Jun 2016, 13:38
Not sure if this is relevant to your issue, but worth reporting anyway I think;

I've also had some 'sticking' issues when playing. Last night, when trying to complete the dual assassination with the APC turret, Claus kept getting stuck just before the two guards when entering the school and doesn't proceed. The guards outside the school are waiting in formation and Zaydan is waiting in the entrance to the school but Claus doesn't move. I was however able to load a save inside the tunnel so I did that. The first two times he waited so long that the guards outside and Zaydan moved out of position :( But the 3rd time, I threw a coin to distract them all and it seemed to free it back up so I could complete the mission.

4th Jun 2016, 17:14
Nothing to do with my issue, but I want to talk about it. If you are doing the APC kill (awesome but too many NTKs), you should not be going near the school without Claus. He does stop in the shoe store for a while and maybe they need to change the timing on that, but he does not stay. If you stand near him (inside the shoe store), he converses with the guards for maybe a minute or two and then leaves. I have done it more than once. Just avoid the other guards to avoid raising suspicion.l It is a small area, so it can be tricky.

4th Jun 2016, 18:26
I did wait in the shoe store with him, and then walked to the small alley with the two guards, where you meet the other two guards, that's where he got stuck...

I'm not sure if it's something to do with the guard that is supposed to speak to Claus speaking to 47 first. He says something like "Howdy recruit" to 47 instead of saying "well if it isn't the most wanted man in Morocco" and it kinda interrupts the conversation somehow. It's definitely bugged though...

4th Jun 2016, 19:16
Only thing I can recommend is make sure you trail behind them.

4th Jun 2016, 19:44
A similar issue happened to someone during The Congressman Elusive Target, they completed the objective but then couldn't find an escape route. Fortunately they were able to restart the contract and the target was still there.

IO is aware of the bug happening in Sapienza but not in Marrakesh, I'll pass this on today - thanks for the feedback!

5th Jun 2016, 00:51
I should have recorded it. Sorry for not doing so. Thank you for passing the issue on. I definitely do not want a problem like that during an Elusive Contract.