View Full Version : My new tattoo! (LoK related)

Iron Head
6th Jul 2002, 22:28

EDIT FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME: For some reason the URL's to the pictures don't work on this board at all... So just go to this topic at the REALM and the links there work.

6th Jul 2002, 22:34
can`t see the pics mate..

Apocrypha Roxy
6th Jul 2002, 22:58
That's pretty Kosher!

6th Jul 2002, 23:10
very nice!

what did it cost, if i may ask?

Iron Head
6th Jul 2002, 23:20
$70 (CA)

7th Jul 2002, 00:31
Maybe Eidos should make a followup to their tattoo ad, but with all of us that have the real deal =).

Iron Head
7th Jul 2002, 04:13
What tattoo ad?

7th Jul 2002, 05:21
The SR2 ad with a woman getting Soul Reaver-related stuff tattooed all over. She's got Raziel on her back, "-LoK-" on the back of her neck, and so on. I think you can still download a video of it from the Eidos site.

Iron Head
7th Jul 2002, 16:14
really? I don't think I ever saw that one.
I wonder what other LoK related tattoos I should get...

Apocrypha Roxy
8th Jul 2002, 02:54
If anything, I'd get the Reaver tatooed on my bicep. Other tatoos? A chinese Dragon, like Angelina Jolie has (minus Billy Bob) :D.

Or maybe something written in Persian (like my name) on my lower back (VERY painful area, I have a friend with a chinese Dragon on her lower back - where the spine meets your pelvic bone is a KILLER!).

Then again, having Raziel inked on me sounds like a nice idea. Vamp Razzy... ;)

Note: I don't have any tatoos/piercings in any odd places. Just my ramblings. There IS a Studio Enigma near Nana's house, though...0.o

Nah, when I'm legal, maybe. My parents would kill me now...

9th Jul 2002, 17:58
thought i would post a link of my tattoo



10th Jul 2002, 05:14
*willow joins the group*

designed them myself ;)
(getting another in like 2 days weeeeeee)

24th May 2003, 01:17
It's been way too long since anyone posted a tattoo pic. Time to resurrect this one.

Well, it's not LOK but, this is my newest one (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/vwp?.dir=/My+Photos&.src=ph&.dnm=TattooBack.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/lst%3f%26.dir=/My%2bPhotos%26.src=ph%26.view=t), just about 2 months old now. The Dragon is about 3 years old. I have 3 others, but no good pics of them yet. As for LOK, I think I'll get Raziel's clan symbol. Problem is where to put it?

13th Jun 2003, 15:41
Damm I can't see it. My computer is playing up!
*Opens window and throughs computer out*

Ah well, just have to get a new one, ha, ha:D ;) :D

13th Jun 2003, 22:07
Damn you all!

I just got Kain's Clan Symbol on my wrist two weeks ago - with plans to get Raziel's on my other wrist...


16th Jun 2003, 01:54
I can't see it

16th Jun 2003, 13:12
Nor can I... and I've searched that forum for anything with the word 'tattoo' in it.

16th Jun 2003, 14:30
You all can't see my tattoo pic?? :(
Hmm, that's odd. It's hosted on a public site with no viewing restrictions.
Try this:
My newest tattoo (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/vwp?.dir=/My+Photos&.src=ph&.dnm=TattooBack.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/lst%3f%26.dir=/My%2bPhotos%26.src=ph%26.view=t)
If that doesn't work, go here and click on the pic titled "TattooBack"
My photo album (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/lst?.dir=/My+Photos&.src=ph&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/bc/hippiechk2003/lst%3f%26.dir=/My%2bPhotos%26.src=ph%26.view=t&.view=t)

Matt from Spam Buddies
16th Jun 2003, 14:50
I believe they were referring to the tattoo of Iron Head... His pictures are hiding somewhere.

Nice tattoos everyone. :)

- Matthew

22nd Jun 2003, 20:21
Willow thats great but wasn't ir sore to have done, it must have taken ages:)