View Full Version : So server down = no challenges , unlocks or fun

31st May 2016, 09:45
This is why drm is a sham

31st May 2016, 10:03
Typical.. They know what is going to happen so I don't know why they sort this out before they release it!!! Plus there is a lot of work to be done for this hitman game such as the weapons system

31st May 2016, 13:39
Well this isn't working for Xbox either. Won't let me on severs. The one time it did ep 3 was there but said it couldn't find content. Really. U hold off releasing the whole game and then we get this. I think u had the time to make it work but u didn't. What a joke

1st Jun 2016, 11:37
I can't play either. I downloaded the update, now I'm disconnected every time I try to sign in. I'm also wondering why there are no auto updates for the game. I'm on ps4. All of my other games update automatically. Hitman doesn't update like that. It's manual.

2nd Jun 2016, 04:57
Same here. Playing on PC. How does these errors happen constantly with online games?