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30th May 2016, 05:21
Been awhile since I posted. Originally I really was discouraged because of the whole episodic approach. Admittedly the game does have some positive points that have grown on me but I just don't think they outweigh the negatives at this point, at least for me.

I think a big part of that is the fact that part of the fun of the game for me is discovery and the obvious redundant tasks of the missions makes the game stale and predictable. After the first few runs, there really is no challenge except trying to figure out what some of the challenges actually mean. Now once you get into the escalations this becomes even more irritating, same mission 5 times with slight variations, too much of the same. On many of these by the way my gameplay is I completed the fifth level on round one because the requirements are so basic and having to do this five times, yawn....!

I want to finish all the challenges, I want to complete everything but I really don't want to do the same thing 50 times over and over to do so. Sorry if this is coming across to some as complaining but I think it is justified and hopefully the developers will take note on future releases.

I finished the maps storyline for Sapienza along with the escalations in less than a week. I completed all challenges, discovery, assissinations, targets and feats except one, "Luck Alone is Worthless". Honestly, I couldn't take playing the game all the way through simply to throw a coin in the fountain to complete this feat. This had to be the dumbest and most useless challenge, I don't quite get why it would be in there but I was done and there really is no great reward for me to finish it so not going to bother.

I am slamming this game but there are some great features I love about this game if I want to be fair. This game still is fun for it's original intent, the stealth Hitman. I love that aspect. "Silent Assassin, Suit Only" in both map releases was my most satisfying mission. I love that part of it. The mechanics in that respect are great, the maps are beautiful and gameplay was fun. Problem is the content after completing that part is lacking, I am bored with it after that mission. I am wanting more content. I would rather see an option with less assassination challenges and more divers maps, even stricter and more difficult tasks but variation. The same targets over and over and over is just really unsatisfying.

Sorry to be a hater even though there are aspects I really enjoy. I want to like this game, I really do, it is just not enough content or diversity in the missions, way too much redundancy.

I am half-way looking forward to the next release but I imagine I will start out with the "Silent Assassion, Suit Only" mission and be done with it. So basically one days worth of playing. After that I imagine I will know the map inside and out since that is the most fun and challenging mission. I can't imagine it will be any different than the Mansion and Sapienza, same mission, basically same targets, just different map. So fun for one day!

30th May 2016, 05:57
pretty much agree with everything you said, especially that ridiculous challenge of the coin in fountain. (really, what is the point ?, it's laughable). For me, the game has HUGE potential, but is still falling short. The huge maps are great , but not when only 1/2 of them are used in story mode. Contracts mode is still a mess, so no point in playing it foe me. Escalations are a bore, even more so when there are no items to unlock. No motivation to play them. Elusives are ok, but way too easy , and not enough of them. We should have had at least 10 by now. The game is way too focused on chasing leaderboards and pointless challenges. Really? I couldn't care less about being on top , or even IN a leaderboard. Who gives a ****! It's all very predictable, with the triggered conversations & events still in there. Immersion is non-existent as far as the whole foreign dialogue debacle(how many times do we have to hear that British woman yelling at Rocco?!- in ITALY). The bugs,glitches ,audio issues, lack of difficulties, rapid fire guard weapons, frame rate issues (I play on on console) are still plaguing the game, and who knows what other problems will arise with Tuesday's patch. Saying all that, I don't hate the game. The customizable HUD /UI is the best thing about the game! It's way better than Absolution in most aspects, but not even close to being "Blood Money 2" as a lot of people are buying into. Too many things missing. Weapons customizing, AI reacting to blood (when the blood actually shows up), gloves, sniper briefcase, non-purple cartoony weapons, etc. It's a whole different development team since 2006 , so I guess we can forget the old days and we have to just accept the dumbed down ,handholding , half assed, always online nature of gaming.

1st Jun 2016, 21:39
the immersion in this game is Bad because all the npc's just stand around forever doing the same thing over and over and theres no actual progression of time within the levels. this was cool in 2006 but its not cool in 2016 -___- npc's need to enter the level, do what they came to do and then leave so everyones not just standing around. guards also need to change shifts as time progresses or go to lunch at some point. targets need to be active in a level for a period of time and then exit the level after a few real time hours. this is how actual human beings behave so this is what should be in the game.

i liked the first 2 levels and i cant wait to see what they do with USA in particular but they NEED to take the next step and make these levels truly realistic so we can feel like were actually in a realistic environment. they have the power now, theres no excuse.

2nd Jun 2016, 00:20
Honestly, I couldn't take playing the game all the way through simply to throw a coin in the fountain to complete this feat. This had to be the dumbest and most useless challenge, I don't quite get why it would be in there but I was done and there really is no great reward for me to finish it so not going to bother.

true, but if you wanted to go back to it, just know that you don't have to complete the whole mission again. It now registers as soon as your do it, without having to finish. You probably knew that though