View Full Version : Elusive Contract - the Congressman and 'the NPC in Yellow'

29th May 2016, 03:08
So, the congressman.

I start as a gardener, subdue mansion security, grab his outfit, hide the body, grab some poison, distract people, poison drink in cellar, place audio device, discover it's bugged, subdue more people, hide bodies, subdue bodyguards, drown Congressman, hide all bodies, never get spotted, calmly walk my way to the car, escape, see the NPC in yellow lying in the street during cutscene, get to the debrief screen, and I'm minus 5000 points for killing a non-target.:scratch:

(sarcasm)Well that's fantastic :thumb:(/sarcasm)

#unhappy :mad:

so much for getting SA on all Elusive targets now, thanks to this. Love for it to be fixed please.:naughty: