View Full Version : elusive target in sapienza is buggy, beat in 04:09 min

28th May 2016, 08:59
IO Interactive, the elusive target in spaienza is buggy, i kill the target in 04:09 min, leave sapienza with the car in town and i get an 5000 points penalty for killing a non target, strange

i started at cia room, get the gun in the room and another one in the black box, so i habe 3 guns with me,run straight, falling right, get the villa disguise, way back, straight, now im an the backside of the kitchen, shoot the cam with silence gun, left,upstairs,right,trough the windows, trough the bibliotheke, now you see the target talking
there are 3 ways wich one is the easiest one, the show him the bibliotheke,the room with the ocean view or the wine

restart until they go to the wine basement, after triggering the wine basement, walk straight, in the room with the chimney, right small door to go in the small villa kitchen, right, down the stairs, through the door, right, now you are in the workshop,straight left, wait now till the prof walk away, there are the long corridor whre the barrels are with the box at the end, put down 2 guns and wait at the end where the barrels are,the target, 2 bodyguards and the house employee comes down, the employee see the 2 gungs and both bodyguards take the gun and bring them away, throw a coin near you so the target come and check out, use instinkt the employee had to walking away, kill the target with piano string an put him in the box, thats it, it takes no longer than 4:09 min

nobody see you, the camera dont get you and you KILL NOT any non target

but the give me the 5000 points penalty, IO interactive, check this out

my PSN ID: DjANgoZulU47


28th May 2016, 13:49
I can almost 100% tell you where the non-target kill was. When you drive away in the car, you kill the guy standing in the road looking at the delivery van if you drive away while he's there. You have to wait for him to get out of the road before you get in the car.

28th May 2016, 17:47
yes, you probably ran over the infamous man in yellow as you were leaving. Just another annoyance in a very annoying, yet so close to being great game. There have been tons of complaints about this. Maybe the most hated NPC in Hitman history.