View Full Version : Contracts Mode Needs updating....

27th May 2016, 01:35
Hello people.

After playing around with contracts mode to try and get some more replay value out of this game I realised how limited contracts mode really is.

Why can I not search for contracts by author, title, or id ?
How can I share my contract with a friend ?

I see there is an option to make a disguise and weapon optional, where is the option to make it a requirement?

Where is the option for:
Do not get spotted?
Hide all bodies?
Do not pacify anyone?
Only kill targets?
Delete CCTV footage if recorded

Specific mission exit point?

What about the possibility to kill with a specific melee weapon ?
Knotti Paradigm escalation requires the target to be killed with a battle axe, yet we are unable to recreate such contracts :(
I found this escalation fun as it forced me to make a decision between two routes, more far more difficult than the other. I found this a challenge and enjoyed the tension.

I was trying to setup a sniper contract, but realised I was unable to set the target from a distance as the scope would zoom out when pressing CAPS LOCK.

More options for contract criteria please.

27th May 2016, 08:25
They already stated some time ago that Contracts is not finished, they are aware of it and are actively working on it. It will receive a major update somewhere down the road.