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25th May 2016, 09:21
A fun aspect from Blood Money that would be great if it returned would be the mission that was in the form of a newspaper

right now we don't yet know who the unknown person in the story cinematic is, but IF he is gathering in formation on 47, would it be a nice idea to show a "report" this person gets on 47's performance? (if a gun was used, what bullet holes they found, what bullet shells were found, the way the target was killed)
making the report swing between "a bald male in a black suit with red die killed X person with a knife and X person with a gun (type) shooting (type) bullets"
or a silent assassin report
"X was found strangled, nobody knows who did it, no evidence was found"
or even a incidental assassination report
X person died in a tragic accident (no traces of a assassination found, so it is treated as a tragic accident instead)

it could overall show the player how much info he/she left behind after a mission in a more visual way rather then just a number score.