View Full Version : Blind npc's

25th May 2016, 08:40
basically trying to make 2 suggestions for things in the game that make no sense in detection.

1: Attach the line of sight of NPC's to the actual direction there head is facing,
on multiple times I had it happen that I was sneaking to the side of a NPC,
there face itself turned towards me, but even so they did not see me, unless I moved more towards there front,
the fact that they look 47 right in the eye's while he's sneaking with a knife in hand is kinda... stupid to see.

a lot of other stealth based games usually attach the line of sight of the npc's to there head movement, instead of just always in front of them.

2: NPC's should see blood, like the detection of 47 itself, they should not notice straight away when entering a room, but if there are blood splatters on the wall, or a huge blood puddle on the floor, if they come near it they should notice it and act accordingly (a few blood splatters against the wall should just have them start searching, a entire pool of blood on the floor should raise the alarm)

Right now its just impossible for me to comprehend how a guard enters his bosses room, and does not wonder where his boss went, nor why there is a splash of blood on the wall and a pool of blood on the floor, and instead casually decides to ignore that and keep guarding a empty room.