View Full Version : Fiber-wire Bug

22nd May 2016, 12:04
noticed this only recently when I took a closer look to the fiber-wire when I use it,
47 keeps holding on to the fiber-wire like he does when just walking around,
even tough he does the strangulation animation and drag animation, the actual fiber-wire remains folded up in his right hand.

So the target basically "floats" in 47's arms as the fiber wire is not actually being used
(target still dies, still does everything its supposed to do, but the fiber-wire itself is just not visually being used)

22nd May 2016, 21:36
+1 to making the fibre-wire active and animated, honestly, i know you guys are busy but could you take the 8 minutes out of your lunch breaks to 1: animate the fibre-wire to be 2-handed and with the wire actively between the handles, and 2: program the naimation into effect, it will only take 2 sing resources to fix this annoying little oversight, and make alot of us hapy...

Great Job on the game, not hating, but we need the sniper briefcase back as well, Dual-Wileding Silver Ballers or ICA 19's, not necessary IMHO, but if you have time for that option, GO FOR IT!!!!. <3