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21st May 2016, 14:41
I actually wanted to wait for the next survey, but d-g alone knows when they will send it around, so I will post here what I will tell them again in the survey.

First for the positive points; note that those are what I have noticed in Sapienza - these are completely NEW positive things, the Paris ones are not included.


Different camera circuits, makes cautious and deliberate movement necessary and also adds to exploration and mastery.
The verticality and open feeling of Sapienza are great. It feels just so good walking around that town and discovering stuff like the pipe at the church tower, the way from the lawyer's office to the hippie's bathroom and the interconnected apartments at the beach.
Sanguine products, make the Hitman world feel connected. Magazines showing Sato. People talking about the Cross family. The Helmut Kruger book in the bookstore window.
Hiding in the coffin with the priest blessing (though no Ellens dritter Gesang playing is a missed opportunity), ARTILLERY!!! kill, biolab decontamination kill, NPC dialogue still marvellous except for lazy "everyone speaks british or american", the Kraken, the plumbers, the kitchen table in the safehouse that looks like somebody has tinkered a long time to get that perfect explosive golfball (though Eppendorf tubes usually don't get used in chemistry applications), the map in the safehouse, the Gun for Hire magazine.
All the other little details I probably haven't noticed.

Now for the negative points, which also contain constructive criticism. I know it's a lot more than the positives, but there is also stuff that has still not yet been fixed.


I want the human shield, the agency suitcase and looking through keyholes back. And newspapers.
Get binoculars back. For huge areas like Sapienza, they are very good for checking the environment (e.g. cameras).
Mashing Q for subduing is annoying, why not make Q the default subdue button and E the default kill button? Furthermore, there should be a general distinction of lethal/non-lethal takedowns with accordings objects (e.g. being able to kill someone with wrench, or knockout with gun's buttstock).
Suggestion for "No recordings": Make them into "No evidence" with suit retrieval (if started with it) and weapon retrieval (putting them back in a box) - just leave no trace behind.
Some triggers are still too obvious. e.g. putting the tape in makes Silvio abandon everything and head straight to the observatory. That is not logical, he would come there on his regular routine anyways. And the scientist in the church never moved into the confessional when I came from the cellar until I stepped into the main church hall, whereas if I e.g. went straight to the morgue from somewhere else she would start on her own.
That weird bug where guards would suddenly stand somewhere where there should be no guard at all, like in the upper floor of the observatory between the gallery and the "museum" room.
One key for every apartment, one key for every store. I understand it from a gameplay point of view, but it takes away from the immersion.
Subdue kill bug is still there.
Button prompts still don't work all too well, with either too tight or too wide activation zones, e.g. at ledges or when I try closing doors and have to awkwardly and lengthy position myself properly, thus making any quick actions impossible. And climbing down the pipe in the cave also has this problem, as pushing the button even when already going down makes 47 hang on the ledge. The commands work on windows, where I press the direction and I can only transverse the window or press nothing and can climb in. Why doesn't this work on ledges and pipes, too?
Contracts mode is not fleshed out enough, give us the ability to set contracts with time constraints (e.g. our own best plus X), outfit/weapon use NOT OPTIONAL and maybe things like extra cameras or guards seeing through certain disguises like the escalation missions have, but mainly: REGISTER THE WAY OF KILLING. Throwing someone out of a window and letting a chandelier fall on them or chopping them with an axe and stabbing with a screwdriver is apparently the same, according to the contract despricption.
Also, a rating and search functionality is absolutely needed. And a way of deleting contracts. Maybe I have done a stupid one and want it deleted - how can I do this at the moment?
PERFORMANCE - slowdowns, stuttering with R9 390. My frame rate varies from 70 at the plaza to 23 at the cannon tower.
Loading into main screen takes one to two minutes. This is much too long.
In Sapienza, I stood at the boat to finish the mission and saved. When I reloaded, my whole machine was lagging. I restarted several times and it happened every time. Then I tried to move away from the water and while it froze for some seconds too, it ran normally after that. I think it might have something to do with the water.
Challenges still bugged (not unlocking or getting reset for some reason).
Ability to save loadout for a mission, e.g. Sapienza really doesn't need coins to start with, the lockpick is much more useful. Actually, the lockpick should be the default piece of gear instead of coins lest I always have to get a key. And coins should be in the inventory anyways. It's just coins, they shouldn't use up a whole slot. Just give us one or two, then. Also, I use the ICA Silverballer exclusively and don't want to switch everytime from the standard gun.
Or let us make a "favourite" loadout.
Subduing sitting persons without tools, like the hippie sitting on the floor or the cleaner under the mansion kitchen where Rocco's sister is going to is also not possible.
More morally ambiguous targets, less genocidal maniacs. Maybe people who are "innocent", who just angered the wrong people, saw something they shouldn't have, etc. Sergei Larin was actually that kind of victim, if I understoof correctly that his wife wanted him gone because he became a liability. On the other hand it would be really interesting if the client of one of those hits later became a target himself.
Movable objects to hide things in like baking soda crate, catering box, etc. need to come back.
Some animations are still lacking (weapon on back, hiding bodies). Also, more faces, please!
I still don't know what some of the icons for the weapons mean. Maybe a short description when mousing over would be helpful.
Sneaking on stairs is awkward as I can not hug the wall on stairs, also no proper subduing on stairs possible.
Separate audio settings for voice. Making them one with other environment sounds can make them drowned out by some event.
Three objectives might be too much, at least the way it is now. Two targets are no problem, but an additional goal breaks the flow, so to say. It is absolutely acceptable with one target (e.g. A New Life, Vinnie Sinistra and the microfilm) or as optional objective (like the blood diamonds in the casino hit).
It should be possible to poison cigarettes. In real life this actually possible, e.g. by cyanide.
Separation of minimap and detection status in the "game mechanics" options. If I encounter someone without getting the max detection signal, I never know whether I count as spotted or not. The "search/compromised/etc" status should be possible to be displayed independently from the minimap, because I don't necessarily need the map, but without a proper detection meter, I have to turn it on.
I still don't understand how detection works. I placed the golfball disguised as guard. A gardener saw me and became suspicious AFTER I had placed it. I only stood there, but the detection noise got louder and then I was spotted. Other problems are being spotted for just standing there or when e.g. turning on a radio (not talking about the PI). People should really just get suspicious from SUSPICIOUS activities, not just from some guy turning on a radio.
Delay after delay. I would say "ok, take your time, make it the best possible" - if I knew I got a finished, bug-free product. But there surely will be bugs and there will be performance problems and that is NOT okay. Why not just call it beta and make it cheaper until it's finished? The episodic format already took so much flak. And you already got my money, you can at least give people an incentive to support this game with a cheaper access to this testing version.

The last thing I want to mention merits an extra paragraph - the Elusive Target. I feel ambivalent.
Generally, it was extremely underwhelming. It was not worth the wait and the always online, especially with all the bugs still present. While I personally was lucky and didn't get any disconnects and x-ray eyed guards, I would have been really upset if I lost the contract due to some stupid occurrence like that.
Also, people putting up walkthroughs on youtube took away lots of the tension. I managed to not spoil anything for me and went in completely blind since I don't care about score (and still got SA), but others might see it as an unfair advantage. And already having a full walkthrough available kind of defeats the point of the whole challenge.
What I liked was, as mentioned earlier, that Sergei was no "evil" man, just some random forger who didn't really hurt someone. We definitely need more of those "innocent" targets.
My suggestion for improving the elusives is to add some complications, like escalations, but randomly, i.e. most people don't get the same level. Some might have more guards, some might have guards that see through disguises, some might have extra cameras, etc. I know that it would be really difficult to properly balance, so people won't have too much of a disadvantage compared to others - but I think it's a way of making them more tense.

Oh, and one last thing: If you implement my suggestion to make non-lethal items potentially lethal, I would love a challenge where you batter people with the cannon ball.

21st May 2016, 14:48
My suggestion for improving the elusives is to add some complications, like escalations, but randomly, i.e. most people don't get the same level. Some might have more guards, some might have guards that see through disguises, some might have extra cameras, etc. I know that it would be really difficult to properly balance, so people won't have too much of a disadvantage compared to others - but I think it's a way of making them more tense.

Anything but the **** laser trip mines. Sweet Jesus anything but those.

22nd May 2016, 07:50
Anything but the **** laser trip mines. Sweet Jesus anything but those.
Absolutely agree. Though I think it really would be too unfair if some people had them and some not. As I mentioned, just switching guards around a bit or making them more alert would suffice.

25th May 2016, 21:40
I really wish we still had the suitcase and more options to customize the sniper rifle. Maybe even a sniper focused mode similar to the sniper mini game where you don't really walk around too much and you need to snipe some targets from afar.