21st May 2016, 10:18
Dear IOI Team,

referring to what "jayjasonjayman" and "Engioc" already suggested:

i also think this would be best for the elusive targets:


everyone who feels the same, please give a positive comment on this thread, giving it a better chance to be considered by IOI.

21st May 2016, 11:08
Afraid I'm against it. I'd rather it be how it is: time limited with retries until the target is killed.

21st May 2016, 16:01
i'm with you! cause i missed the first one cause i was not online that weekend and i want to do every challenge in paris sapienza etc. and now i can't, cause the first one is missed and the challange still there , so how can i do the challange now ??? the target is gone! i never had a chance to try it out...

21st May 2016, 17:43
Here is my comment from a different post...

"I think there should be a time frame but only from the moment you start the mission. There shouldnt be a time frame as in an expiration date once they made it live on their servers. It should be able to sit in our queue for as long as we want...weeks, months..until were ready to play it, then there should be a timer once we start the mission. say an hour or two."

21st May 2016, 17:58
Somehow i think IOI and SE think that we are all basement dwelling trolls who eat snacky smores and sip mountain dew all day, just waiting for a next release of content while we grind in World of Warcraft or DOTA 2... i don't get it, i'm an Indie Developer and none of this crap would fly at my Studio.

28th May 2016, 17:22
Agree with this 100% some of us work weekends, in fact I only get one weekend off every 6 weeks, and strangely enough the wife wants me to do family stuff that weekend. I had to miss the first target because I was working, oh and surprise surprise I'm working again this weekend.

Please remind me why I had to pay the same as everyone else, when I have no chance of having the same experience.

Sadly the days of being able to just log on and play a game for a few hours anytime I want have long gone. I'm lucky if I even get 2hrs these days, in a WEEK to game.

Have no issues if it's a one time deal, BUT it needs to be when a gamer can choose. Having limited events like this is complete BS.


29th May 2016, 16:41
I think this is a useless online feature that honestly would be best added as an option in Contracts mode, where you can choose a target on the map as a special Target and add a bodyguard npc to them, set a time limit for the contract and you only have one attempt at completing it. The only difference between this and Elusive Target is a Diana briefing and a 48 hour window that many will just miss out on anyway. This isn't an engaging Live feature that is thrilling at all, its jus another npc thrown into the same old maps with a bodyguard and a 1 try attempt within a short time frame. Very disappointed with the path this game is taking in regards to its 'Live content' that is supposedly justifying its 'always online' functionality which has only hindered gameplay so far.

29th May 2016, 19:41
I agree. I think they should keep the same rules; but the target should be permanent. The game is already void of sufficient content. Making the elusive targets time limited is extreme, unnecessary, unrealistic, and fundamentally flawed in relation to the game's state of distribution and content in general. It simply does not work with a incomplete game -- not to mention the fact that elusive targets were drastically delayed to begin with.

31st May 2016, 21:09
People have a life and cant always check for this non stop. It would be very fair to let people who missed the time frame in which the target was available. For example they cant get the next elusive before having attempted the previous.

2nd Jun 2016, 23:27
+1 for opening post

4th Jun 2016, 14:00
I would also love these to be a one time thing that can be completed any time. I missed the first one because I was working also and am really disappointed about it. I'd been checking in on Hitman almost every day up until that point and there was hardly any new content either so it really came as a surprise when I logged in at around 7pm on the Sunday evening to find I had missed the first target...

Please IOI, make them playable any time and also give us a chance to play the first one again. I would like to complete this game 100% and will be extremely pissed if I can't get all the challenges on Paris because I wasn't able to play your game when you wanted me to. The best thing about gaming is that I can do it when I want to...

4th Jun 2016, 15:13
During the Dev's Marrakesh livestream on Twitch the other day, they were asked if Elusive Targets would be replayable in the future. A resounding no was given. They said something along the lines of "the targets are elusive, you get one chance". With that same explanation in mind, I don't see them changing Elusive Targets to be playable anytime.

Look, obviously there are some who work weekends, or are otherwise engaged and cannot get into the game during the time slot that the Elusive Targets are available. Nobody is saying that doesn't suck, and I'd be annoyed if I missed them too. But I think it's as fair as it can be, the mode being what it is. If the Elusives become playable at any time, it takes away from the core idea behind the mode in the first place.

It's just the unfortunate reality of the mode.

4th Jun 2016, 15:20
Don't be whiny little *****es. You can miss Elusive targets. Deal with it. It's a known feature IO offered since E3.

i'm with you! cause i missed the first one cause i was not online that weekend and i want to do every challenge in paris sapienza etc. and now i can't, cause the first one is missed and the challange still there , so how can i do the challange now ??? the target is gone! i never had a chance to try it out...

You need to learn to live with loss in your life