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6th Jul 2002, 19:07
I'm in the construction zone level and there are these (i'm guessing) steel doors that say target but they just dont want to get blown up.

I keep shooting at any of em and they only get scratched. I also tried with the game patch and it still doesnt want to go down!

This level is alot harder than the first. Well... its more complicated.. (having to basicly use 2 teams instead of 1).

Anyways. I downloaded and printed a game guide (off of GameFAQs) and it said to blow up the steel doors...

I tried with the blaster and with the pipebombs (not very high tech).

Also... The thing Andre repairs then activates, which makes the arm pick up something and place it in some wierd hover taxi/machine... Does it do something or is it just there for fun.

6th Jul 2002, 20:33
Hi mrdefender, welcome to the forum. :)

OK..That thing Andre repaired awhile ago, will come into play very soon now.

Has Minoko and Amber grabbed the key yet?

Have you collected the dead bug off the floor by the cable, and put it in the mini elevator?

If you have done the above,..
The guys should be on the top floor, maybe in the dead-end room with the fireplace...
Have both females go into the room after grabbing the key..use the hand scanner to enter, make sure no one stands outside near the door....

You will see a control panel.... WEll.. over to you!!

Hope I have helped:)

6th Jul 2002, 21:40
cool. thanks. will try it and let you know.

thanks again.

7th Jul 2002, 05:56


The thorn in my behind of it is that I finally reached the end of the level but forgot to put the dead bug in the lift. so I had to walk back thru the annoying ball and place it then go thru it again and to the upa elevator...

I also finished the shopping mall. that was neato.

I'm now at the bad guy's hq. (can u believe it, i already forgot their name! heh).

Blood Gang is it?

After killing 100 of em their name kinda goes with em...

7th Jul 2002, 07:04

7th Jul 2002, 07:28
THE WINDOWS! You shattered all my windows!

im sending u the bill... ;)

I assumed blood since they were always in red.. and they are a gang... hehe

7th Jul 2002, 11:32
Nice going Mrdefender, sounds like you are really sailing through!:)

Hey Ice...my eardrums!!, we heard you!!:D

19th Jul 2002, 19:45
oops. forgot about this post.

I found the little thingy was one of the most interesting parts of the game. :)