View Full Version : Unsilenced, powerful pistols

20th May 2016, 17:55
After some time passed, I realized that the game is really lacking unsilenced pistols (there's only couple of them).
I know there will be some stuff to unlock in further missions but still no hints for such weapons, so I want at least:
- unsilenced Silverballer
- Desert Eagle (I spent a lot of time in Hitman:Blood Money with it)
- Magnum 500 or something like that (I spent a lot of time in Hitman:Contracts with it)

To not get it wrong - Desert Eagle should kill from 1 shot in the chest on short distance, Magnum 500 - same even on mid distance.

More guns - better, of course.

Also, it's probably good topic to mention that guns should hit through doors.

21st May 2016, 01:08
The thought of anyone, let alone a professional assassin, choosing to use a Desert Eagle over literally any other pistol fills me with cringe.

None for me, thanks.